10 November 2010

HAWAII: Day 2 in Photo's and 3 Questions

photos taken with Nat's phone.

We hiked Pololu Trail to get to the Beach  and it was awesome. Playing with these 3 feels like we are 7 years old again. It was worth the challenging hike back up ( Natalie and I fell once) 
I kept thinking and saying "I can't believe we are all here!"
With us being grown ups and all... sometimes it's hard to take vacation at the same time.
When we got back to the house Richie and Kim were at the skate park so we jumped on the trampoline until they got back! remember popcorn? 
For dinner Kim cooked sweet cornbread white bean chili, and brownies! I ate until I thought i was going to explode. It was delish, and don't get my started on Kim's bean dip we devoured before hand.
Can I please take Kim home with us? or better yet how soon can we move here!?
Everything is perfect, and it keeps getting better.
Can't wait til Trav and Taylor arrive..Today!

1.Do you like to travel with your friends?
2.What has been your best Vacation yet?
3. If you could go anywhere...where would that be?


Miki's scrapbook said...

Super fun pictures! You all guys have acrobatic skills, wow!

As for the questions,
1.- I've only travled with a friend once and she wasn't that close, so I really didn't enjoy it. I can imagine having a blast with my best friend, though. But we never had the chance to go on vacation together.
2.- California, 2009 when I traveled to the USA for the first time to meet my fiancé's family and friends. Oh, and England in 1996/97. It was the first time I traveled alone and had to get by speaking English, a foreign language to me.
3.- I'd like to go back to Japan but with my fiancé. It'd be totally different and much funner. I've also always dreamt of going to the Philippines.

Keep having fun! :)


BuenoBueno said...

miki- wow! i have always wanted to go to Japan, Jacob has been i am so jealous! he loved it!
california in 2009 what an exciting experience- the US for the first time and meeting your fiances parents for the first time! i bet your adrenaline was pumping!

Jess said...

Incredible photo app! These would make a stunning photo wall! {1} I LOVE traveling with friends and when I do it's like you "very unreal" and I spend a lot of time saying "I can't believe we're all together". {2} My only spring break vacation with 6 of my best friends in Miami. {3} To Italia with my husband :)

bella vintage said...

AH-mazing! that is Zoe's and my goal vacation. i love traveling with my kiddo, just exploring with her and making memories. we've visited a few places and have always had fun; but the one that stands out a bit more is our San Francisco one where we just boarded a bus with no agenda, got there at 5 a.m. and walked aimlessly not knowing where i was..crazy but thank God he protected us and we had an adventure!

oh and also our cross country trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles..

Olivia said...

looks like you're having a blast!!!!

Melissa said...

1. Yes. Love traveling with friends.
2. New York City and/or hiking across Monterry, Mexico
3. Italy
4. Your pictures are beautiful
5. I want to go to Hawaii
6. people who do handstands on the beach get twenty extra cool points.

Ashley said...

Beautiful photos! It looks like you all are having so much fun!

I would love to travel with friends. I use to travel with friends when I was in high school but now my vacations are with the boyfriend! We've been together for 3 and a half years and just went on our first vacation together this year! We were able to squeeze in two, Vegas and Disneyland and we had a blast!

Oh, and someday I want to surprise my mom with a trip to Italy. Her grandma's house still stands there and I want her to see it. :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

ahhhh, how dare you post this and make me jealous that i'm stuck here in virginia! it looks like you're having an amazing time, and i love the dirty dancing scene on the log!

Gabriel J Galvan said...

BOBO says.... YES I love traveling with friends, my best vacation yet was also Hawaii although all the ones I went on with you guys have been freaking AWESOME!!! Hawaii was the most memorable due to the ammount I was able to relax. No kelly and Brandieey about to kill eachother moments HAHAHA!!! If I could go anywhere I would definitely go to Bora Bora or to the Great Barrier reef in Australia with you guys of course ;)

my name is lauren. said...

i love you b :).

you and jacob are such a fun couple and it sounds like you've got your couple soulmates over there in hawaii.

glad you're having a blast. oh...and i'm totally going to download that hipstamatic app for my iphone! so cool!


Meddi said...

OMG...you must be really happy there!!!mmm....i want to be there too:)

happy owl erin said...

ok, so you're not having fun at all ;)
i will email you the deets of the 12 days of Christmas post in the next couple of days.

Joy said...

I just recently found your blog and saw that you went to the big island! I used to live there and miss it so much! I love pololu valley! Your blog is great. I love your guys' style!

Joy @www.fortheloveofleaves.blogspot.com