07 January 2011

Around Our Town: Chick & Chica

A few days ago, Brandi and I stumbled across my new favorite place in all of Houston, Chick & Chica. I think they opened right before the holiday season, but I never knew they were there. As soon as we walked in I was in a major daze. Bright colors, fantastic style, interesting details... My first thought was "I need to interview the owner of this place because I'm certain I will love them," I turned to Brandi to tell her to snap some pictures, but she was already reaching for the camera. We spent a long time just making the rounds, checking out every inch of the place. Lupe, the co-owner quickly approached us and struck up conversation. She was so warm and helpful, it was like chatting it up with an old pal. Well, I could ooze on for days over this BEAUTIFUL shop, but I'll let you see for yourself.

chick + chica

chick + chica
Yes, I'll have one of everything

chick + chica

chick + chica
every small nook was just perfect. Brandi wanted the gold initial "B" on the right.
chick + chica
mucho mucho love!
chick + chica

chick + chica
we had a good laugh at the burrito. baby clothes wrapped in foil. such a great idea!
chick + chica
chick + chica
I can't help but think "NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
chick + chica
I love the industrial details scattered throughout this shop! She built this place from nothing. 
chick + chica

We both treated ourselves to something wonderful. I had to get something for a wedding shower this weekend anyway ;) If you are a Houstonian, please check out this shop. Shop local. 3710 Main St. Houston TX 77002.  It's way too good to pass up! If you are not a Houstonian, you can still "like" them on Facebook.

Thanks Chick & Chica for adding a touch of awesome to Houston! The Bueno girls will be visiting again soon.


P.S. the photo's don't do this place justice. It's so cool and vibrant and you get that excited feeling when you step in.


Britta said...

I would looooove the shop. That´s a shop I like to shop.. but I´m sitting here in germany...


Mandi said...

That looks like such a fun little place. I wish.

ezzi said...

its like a little slice of the marketa in san antonio. where in houston is this?

ezzi said...

yea...my spanish isnt great..."mercado"...forhead slap

Little Tree Vintage said...

love the stuff, looks like a sweet find, too bad i'm in new jersey :(

kristin elena. said...

OMG that place looks amazing! reminds me of going to the market in san antonio. i LOVE the little sugar skulls. and really want a baby burrito to give to a mama friend. lol.

Brandi said...

This place looks amazing, I wish I could take a quick trip there.

CaL said...

I love finding new places like that! How awesome! Great style. =)

Miki's scrapbook said...

What a cool store and hahahaha, I love Nacho Libre! :P

bella vintage said...

love the decor!

biscuit said...

oh my gosh! so awesome!!! I LOVE IT! i SO want to go there. p.s. LOVE your new header! ca-ute!

mrs.adrienneK said...

what a cool store!! you guys make me wanna take a vacation!!!

my name is lauren. said...

what a pretty little store!

LOVE the burrito babies. pure genius for us mexican girls. if you hurry up and have a baby i'll buy you one!


love you b and k!!


rachelinaustin said...

That's awesome! I'll have to try and visit next time I'm in that neck of the woods.