05 January 2011

Brandi's Year In Review + 2011 goals

2010 was a good year for me, i can't complain.
my friendships grew, my bank account shrunk, we traveled a lot, i met a lot of amazing people, got to know family, we became even closer to my g-ma, we got to spend a lot of time with Ryder Bear, friends got married, friends had babies, helped my sister move away, talked her into moving back, i laughed, i cried, i had fits, we moved to a new house and i created. 

Totally excited about 2011

Started 2010  with  SFP in wine country.
Haircuts for HAITI
- Created "I am Young" video for coconut records contest with some of our talented friends. WE WON!

  2 year wedding anniversary. 2 years goes by too fast!

Went to New York to visit childhood friends Rannie from ChrisRann and Pacho from Surface to Air and Kellee from A&F. I am making another trip soooooooon!
Collaborated on Photoshoot with Johnny Rendon

Road trip to California for Coachella with Jacob and Justin.

Ryder turned 2
Spent a month in California and met my close blog friends turned real friends  Kassi, Danielle, and Lauren.VIDEO
day 1

WORKED OUT A LOT!  30 day fitness challenge.
-Roadtrip to Nashville with my sister Kelly.

Our blog turned 1 year!  Spent a lot of time at pool parties and at the lake.
September- had the Flu for 3 weeks! Worst month of my life.

  ACL fest,  2nd POP UP SHOP, Jacob turned 30 on Halloween- His big present was Hawaii trip for November.

Went to Hawaii with some of our best friends and had a blast!

December- Worked a lot.
- guest blogged in FOAM mag my all time favorite magazine.
-Offered Custom Keys for the Holidays
-Went to Austin for another SFP adventure.


In 2011 
 I want to use my time more wisely.
I want to cut down on TV (we gave ours away so this should help).
I want to volunteer.
I want to be a better wife. learn to cook. (he's the cook) 1 recipe per week.
I want to save $10,000
I want to re-decorate the salon.
I want to be organized.
I want to get rid of clutter.
I want to start bootcamp again.
I want to make more blog friends and meet them in person.
I want a blog makeover.
I want to make more effort when picking out my clothes and doing my hair.
I want to travel more.
I want to take better care of myself. It's hard.
I want to take some kind of class.
I want to collaborate with creative minds more.
I want to find a new hobby.
I want to challenge myself more.
I want to go to bed at a decent hour and start my day early....ha not tonight!

Kelly and I have a lot up our sleeves for 2011 and we are excited to share with you!
Can't wait to get to know all of you better this year!



rannie said...

I'm up, so I will be the first to comment and say that I can help you with 90% of that list. So just go on and move to New York, already.

miss you mucho mucho.

Julie @ Velvet and Shag Vintage said...

Don't go changin' too much...Stay gold, ponyboy, stay gold! Can't wait to see more fantastic photos of your adventures in the next year.

Mandi said...

I love your style, you are seriously radiant even when dressed down.

Sarah said...

ahh i love your wedding dress!!

Anonymous said...

i can help you learn to cook! my favorite blogs for recipes right now are www.skinnytaste.com and www.ourbestbites.com and i super suggest getting a crockpot. its the easiest way to get something healthy and homemade for dinner without being stuck in the kitchen. you come home and its ready. love you xoxoxoxox lauren

Anonymous said...

oo and for baking i really like www.cheekykitchen.com <3

mrs.adrienneK said...

i really dig these year in review posts! im a new reader so its quick catch up for me (although i still like to look at all the pretty past posts!)

Amber said...

Looks like 2010 was an amazing year! Your goals for 2011 sound great. I too want to try getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier, that one has been on my resolution list for awhile now:)
Best of wishes in the New Year!

kendra said...

a) i just read about your wedding. So awesome. So proud of your commitment!
b) i am trying to make a "30 before 30" list. one of my items is to actually complete the list. yours is wonderful.

Cara Jess Mason said...

This is so wonderful.
Your resolutions are basically what I want to do too!
Especially the cooking thing...

I'd love to be your blog friend!

zestybeandog said...

Next time I come down for more than a day we WILL cook zestybeandog style :)

Little Tree Vintage said...

I hope you know i have a mini crush on both of you. You are both so beautiful and talented! Loved the post, and also glad I made it into the blogging world to find you!

Wife said...

Yay for an awesome year!!2011 better kick 2010's butt1

Robyn said...

You had a pretty epic year. Also, if I ever get married I am getting a pair of white Toms for the reception. Thank you for that.

Janna Lynn said...

Just found your blog. Must say..you have a dazzling style. I adore it! Your goal list is bombastic...only one I can help with is...hello...I can be a new blog friend..woot woot! Please feel free to visit mine. I'll be here daily now :). Happy New Year...Hearts, Janna Lynn

Miki's scrapbook said...

Awesome pictures! I particularly like the ones of you and your husband!

my name is lauren. said...

happy to be apart of your 2010! it was so fun meeting you and your were just as fabulous in real life as you are in blog life :).

love you b!!!

good luck w/ all the goals in 2011!!


CaL said...

I hope your list is completed & some! It was so good to meet you in 2010! You're such a peach! 2011...woot!

Violet Bella said...

so you have my dream couch and dream chair! yikes! love your new pad and love your goals gal! and the last hair stick tutorial, sweet! my hair never likes a curling iron, ill have to look into those. and i just got morrocan oil recently and im addicted to it! xoxo.

happy owl erin said...

love seeing your fabulous new place! I can't believe that I 'met' you in the blog world a year ago around the time you made your video. wow, how time flies. xoxo

Leigh said...

What a great year & it looks like this year will be even better!
<3 Leigh

rachel is a dreamer said...

you really are an inspiration. great goals for the new year! best wishes.
peace & love!

Rodney said...

Awesome pictures! I'm so inspired of the things that you've up to, especially moving in another place. It's like New Year, new home.

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