06 January 2011


It's been non stop fun for us since we have moved into our new home, so we haven't had much time to get everything situated in our house. We still have stuff at my grandma's to bring over and it feels like I will never be done getting settled. It still doesn't feel like home yet, ya know? I miss living with my Grandma, we had so much fun with her, but it was time to be closer into town. My grandma has my Aunt their with her now, so I feel much better about our move.

Goals for our new place:
keep clean.
no clutter.
don't buy wall art or decorations. We have a whole room with them and I don't want them! i have a plan.
save for the amazing leather chair at crate and barrel.
if i buy something it has to serve a purpose.

boards- i can now ride to work and the postoffice.
I took these photos 2 years ago and Jacob wants them displayed. awe.
hope chest- H.S. graduation present from G-ma.  This is my most treasured piece of furniture.
Train case- Gift from James (bleubird vintage) remember my coffee table that my uncle saved? HERE
floral chair- My friend grew up with this chair (there is red lipstick doodles in the back by him at age 4)
mirror- this belonged to my aunts when they grew up.
stand and mirror- gift from AndrewModern. love these!
wooden chair- thrifted and reupholstered with pillowcase by moi.
coasters- from surf heritage when I was in California.
huge calendar- crate and barrel. Christmas present from Jacob.
horse painting- by my friend Kellee in N.Y. I miss her.
random drawer- from my friend chelsea before she moved to spain.
feathers on wood- I did this 4 years ago when we lived in the Hawthorne house.
polaroids- vacations we have been on. The little green box is full of them.
clipboard for daily to-do list.
envelopes for packaging.
camera on hand for my new project.
cool lighter- gift from Trav
AndrewModern housewarming present. It's my first Eames piece.
I wanted to make a polaraoid calendar like my friend Marc's. Now I will try it with my instax camera.
This is my friends calendar. GENIUS! why didn't I think of this?
Photos, Cd's, Records, Diana. I need to bring the rest of our records home.
yellow chair- my little brother bought me this the first time he had cash in his hands. instead of buying himself something he took me shopping. he has always been like that. now this chair is old and ragged but i love it and its so comfy.

In the next couple months this will be totally different because thats just how we are. My salon changes all the time as well.

I wanted to title this post with my style like on apartment thearpy but I have no idea what I would call it?

If you could title this post what would it be?


rachelinaustin said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for the inspiration!


lonniewebb said...

OH MY GOSH. this is my DREAM living room.. I love the furniture, the colors, the accessories, EVERYTHING. WOW LUCKY!!!! i LOVE It!!!!

ohsonoko said...

absolute inspiration Brandi! Love EVRERYTHING but these stand out as favs:
:)lamp in 2nd pic & these 2 pics R great!
:)your HOPE chest..always wanted one
:)how you use your travel case for magz
:)Mirror from aunts....2 die for!
:)feather picture YOU painted rocks!
:)the EAMES 2 die 4
:)this picture calendar........genius!!!

" My COOL stuff I heart"

you are so organized & have a canny ability to make "everything" beautiful!!

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

love the calendar!!

Carla said...

The hope chest was the first thing I zoomed in on. It is GORGEOUS. Also, that calendar is legit...that is perfect for people that don't want to look at their calendars (like me)!

CaL said...

I dont even know what to say cause it'd end up being such a long comment...so...wooooooooow! <3

Anna said...

I saw a photo calender thing kind of like that on photojojo & I have been wanting to try it. Your house is cute. love your little collections and the lipstick doodle chair!

katie said...

super cute place! i love your hope chest and all the vintage suitcases!!

Paislea Elyse said...

oh wow!! i love everything in your home!!! i need you to decorate for me!!

allister bee blog

Olivia said...

loove this, so unique. very vintage and very you :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i love your style, it's so very you. that hanging lamp you have is awesome!


Hannah said...

I'd title it "Living Sentimental" because you've got so many connections to people and events in your home. It's lovely!

Maddy said...

oh my god... I love your decor! It's so warm and awesome. Great job!

rannie said...

I love that you flipped the couch to the other side, and desk to the other wall. Works! and makes for a better view when you walk in through front door!

Amber said...

I want to run home now and redo my living room. I am in love!!

Elle Sees said...

idk but i want to be creative in there.

Sarah said...

That polaroid calendar is a great idea! Thanks for sharing these photos. :)

BuenoBueno said...

I love our new crib. Its so warm.

jacob said...

I love our new house!

mrs.adrienneK said...

so much inspiration! thanks!!

my name is lauren. said...

i love you guys' living room! it looks like the house is coming together quite nicely....although i had no doubts with your fabulous flair for decorating :).

can't wait to see more. you guys should do a video tour when you're all settled in!

Laura said...

Love love love the polaroid calendar! I love the space you've got too - it's neat and organized but full of personality and fun! Thanks for sharing a look inside your home!

BuenoBueno said...

Thanks guys! i was nervous to post this because i am not completely satisfied with it yet. You all are so sweet and encouraging!

Jordan Stratton said...

I absolutely love this post. I have a question about the calendar. Would you just change the order of days out at the end of the month? Since they also change when the month changes. LOVELOVELOVE the idea!