13 February 2011

We like Bernie.

So yeah... Friday night after a Finnegan show we ended up at our house and what do the Maroonies do when we all get together? We DANCE! Have you ever tried to Bernie? Do you know why it's called the Bernie? So what do you think about our super fresh moves?

This is how we learned to Bernie.

Q. Who the heck are the Maroonies?
A. Me(Dixie), Jacob(Jazz),Natalie(Cici), and Justin(Chip).


Viva La Happy said...

this is hilarious i'll have to do a bernie dance video with friends too! it's the new dougie! :D

Natalie said...

Cici here, Chip and I just re-watched this and we have a few things to say.
1. Thank goodness we have no personal shame.
2. It's still extremely funny- (to us anyway)
3. We need more practice.
4. We LOVE doin' the Bernie and we LOVE Dixie and Jazz!!

Little Tree Vintage said...

haha you guys are the best. this made me giggle

aesethique said...

I assume it's from weekend at Bernie's right? Hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh - dealing with a cold right now, and that definitely brightened my mood.

morgan said...

This just made my morning!!! This is so funny! :)

Panda said...

Woow,so epic moves!.D hahaha you guys are rockin!

Genevieve Gail said...

That was awesome ☀

Janna Lynn said...

I already thought you all were the coolest people in the world....this video....just confirmed it!!! Love it! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

beca said...

Ha, you guys are adorable.
(I had to go rewatch weekend at bernies - conga line -

call answering service said...

Woww, looks like you had a great time with this bernie dance. and that is so good to have some time for these kind of fun activities, as they make the life more sweet and beautiful. nice post.

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

totally weekend at bernie's. you're dancing all limp like a dead guy. at least that's my guess.

anyway, you guys are freaking hilarious. i want to be your next door neighbor so we can have dance parties all the time. craig keeps talking about moving to TX. i wish!