21 April 2011

Bootsie N Booties

This photo is perfect.
 We had friends over and as the night was winding down we put on Catfish. Kelly and I fall asleep all the time watching movies late at night. Why did I say this photo was perfect? Well, Kelly is allergic to cats, and she is always itching if she thinks Bootsie has laid down where she sits. Oh and you bet that as soon as we were out, Bootsie made her little way in between Kelly and I to fall asleep. I just love my Bootsie Treasure!

Thank you Jacob for capturing this moment.

The scoop on Bootsie
- she started running up to us as soon as we moved in this house (November)
- if we would walk around the block, she would follow, if we went to our friends house 2 doors down she would follow and wait for us to come out.
- we started feeding her but wouldn't let her inside until the freeze, now she comes in whenever she wants.
- she meows and paws at door if she needs to go out. no need for stinky liter box.
- she is so sweet and pretty.
- she sleeps at our feet on our bed, but if we fall asleep on the couch she sleeps in living room.

I think someone just abandoned her. How can a stray cat be so sweet?


Rannie said...

HAHA! cute.

Miki's scrapbook said...

Awe, Bootsie is so cute! Cool pic :).


Mari Ann said...

I can't wait to meet Bootsie this Sunday! She sounds like a sweetheart.

Sarah said...

That's how we ended up with a cat. Showed up at my parent's house 10 years ago and when we finally let her in the house so never left :)

Anonymous said...

More like Buttsie - Darin

biscuit said...

I LOVE that you adopted Bootsie!! That is amazing of you and she looks so happy! Good for you guys! Adopted/stranded pets always have a great sense of happiness when they are with owners who love them.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

bootsie is such a cutie, and i just want to snuggle her and kiss her!

also, nice butt crack, brandi.


Maddie said...

You have such a cool blog!! new follower :)



Jessica said...

Aww Bootsie, sounds so sweet!
I would love a cat like her!

angela's eyes. said...

I'm also allergic, but I think cats know it and are drawn to me just to make me sneeze...

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Julie @ Velvet and Shag Vintage said...

Aw, what a sweetie pie. I'm in love with Bootsie!