07 April 2011


WeeklySchedule_0003_Thursday_ How I cover my skivvies


Since I had some people asking about my outfit when I posted about the Bayou City Art Festival, I decided to share what was covering my skivvies that day.

CMSKIVVIES_0000_Layer Comp 1

CMSKIVVIES_0006_Layer Comp 7
Special request: please wear your bando over a bra if your chest is larger than an 'A cup'
CMSKIVVIES_0001_Layer Comp 2

CMSKIVVIES_0002_Layer Comp 3

CMSKIVVIES_0003_Layer Comp 4

CMSKIVVIES_0005_Layer Comp 6

CMSKIVVIES_0004_Layer Comp 5

BANDO: American Apparel
SHIRT: Kimchi Blue
VEST: William Rast
JEANS: BDG Cigarette
CUSTOM KEY: Bueno Bueno
WHALE + FEATHER: Bueno Bueno
BELT: Fossil

Not in photo
NEO RAMBO HEADBAND: Bueno Bueno (new)
BAG: Fossil


Batzy Shop said...

Pretty cool!
Love your style :3


morgan said...

very cute! thanks for sharing lady :)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, what a cool outfit! I wish I could pull it off so gracefully :).

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

just an fyi skivvies are underwear not the naked bits :)

kinsey french. said...

Love this outfit! Very pretty. <3

Anonymous said...

um just got it. please disregard. need more coffee.

CaL said...

I LOVE Fossil belts. & yes, wear some underclothing please ladies...lol. You're so stylish miss! & I love the new headers for your different blog series! So cool! =)

Amanda Woodford said...

Love it! Fossil is the greatest...your belt is pretty much the best ever! :)


Layla said...

Thank you! And good point re: the bando.

connally said...

Fossil. love♥
and that vest is the bomb.com

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

this is a SUPER cute outfit kelly! love it! and i also agree with your statement about the bandeaus. oh...and also...BDG cigarette jeans are maybe the most flattering jeans: ever.

you are lovely.

hope you're having a good week!


Rachel - Firebird said...

I LOVED this outfit, thanks for sharing it.

'Skivvies' is going to be my new word of the day. It is fantastic: Skivvies, Skivvies, Skivvies...

Anna said...

LOVE the belt!

jooleedoh said...

amazing style.