28 May 2011




Last year in California.


It's that time again! The time most of us dread.....SWIMSUIT SEASON. I actually love it, I may not like how I look in a swimsuit but I sure do have fun in one! Every weekend theres a beach or pool party going on and you know I'm going to be there! I can't wait for June 10th weekend and July 2nd weekend! Friends, Sunshine, Boat on the Lake, and Non Stop Partying!

I've been running a lot lately, but my late night eating and boozing ain't helping this lady out! That sounds bad....I just really like my red wine at night, and having my friends and family on the same street doesn't help. We love to try new recipes and drink while we are in the kitchen. I heard that one glass won't hurt but show me the person that only has one glass. come on? I'm not that disciplined, and my tummy shows it:( maybe I should be more strict with my swirll trips, and wine intake just to see if it makes a difference.
This is me now. 127 pounds. I'm hoping that after a couple more weeks my tummy shrinks a bit more. Maybe push myself harder during workouts... Do you have a good ab workout?
Goal: when I jump up and down my tummy doesn't jiggle. 
I am posting this so I am held accountable by all of you. 
I am thinking of doing the 30 day challenge again?

My favorite places to shop for swimwear
Swell- I like billabong swimsuits a lot. Great for the active girl.
Target- for cheapies, cute but will wear out fast. Basically just for laying out.

Where do you shop for swimsuits? I'm actually wanting to buy a few more for this summer and Target just didn't have anything, and I want to try the suits on instead of ordering online. HELP!


Anonymous said...

You look great! But I understand how it feels to just want to look more fit! I think that you should try looking for bathing suits at H&M. Although they don't feel very promising material-wise, they are super cute and cheap! Another good place to look is at old navy, they have really nice solid colored ones. And finally, I also really like american eagle bathing suits!

Julie @ Velvet and Shag Vintage said...

Girl, you are cra-zay! You look totally gorgeous in your swimsuit. Don't change a thing! I admit that I don't weigh very much, but my body still looks terrible in a bikini. I would die to look as good as you do. Just enjoy it and flaunt it while you got it!

SVB said...

Great active swimwear (Bikini & One Pieces) at Academy. Good prices and the bikini I have is flattering. At least my hubs thinks so :)

Also it stays put when your actively swimming - which is a plus.

beca said...

I have a target bathing suit, but I hardly wear it (sometimes I forget I live 5 minutes from the beach)
In my weight fluxuation, I really saw a difference when I didn't eat after dark. Maybe just splurge on the weekends.
But, I am the worst example!! ha!

giselaandzoe said...

you look great miss!

Carla said...

You are gorgeous. End of story period!
Also, my wine intake is right up there with you...every morning, coffee to come up. At night, wine to come down.
Hey, in Latin America, Scandinavian countries and France, this is completely normal:)
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

kelly ann said...

ummm, your new blog design ROCKS.

Calli said...

The new design is perfection, as usual(:

Lea said...

Uh, talk about a sexy bod! You look great! Tilly's usually has billabong, Roxy, etc..

Amber Leigh said...

you look great! but i understand how you feel, I have been trying to be disciplined with working out because I'm tired of having the few areas that I know I could improve, and I weirdly have started enjoying working out. as for good ab exercises I just found this girls site called blogilates.com where she does videos and there are some pretty killer ab exercises: http://www.blogilates.com/workoutindex
I always used to buy swimsuits at Pacsun because they stocked like Roxy, Billabong etc.

danielle said...

You look great!!! Seriously! I could never wear a bikini like that, oh my gosh... we would all go blind!

tria said...

Honestly, you look beyond awesome. Remember, you always see yourself three times worse than the rest of the world does! I actually really love Patagonia suits. I am a super water girl and need to look super cute without having straps come undone or bottoms fallen off. (nothin better than needing your boyfriend to meet you at the edge of the pacific with a towel because your bottom half is naked!!-true story) I know Patagonia might sound old lady, but they have some great updated styles in cute colors and prints and the fit is perfect. (I feel like I sound like an old lady, but I promise you I'm 24 and in fashion and these are my favorite suits thus far!)

Shewearscrazywell said...

I think I should point out that you look like a model in a swimsuit! Don't lose anything...you look perfect! Of course...I wear a lot more fabric when I get in a swimsuit (I'm a big girl :))...but I think I look great in one too! You gotta appreciate what you have, when you have it! Hearts, Janna Lynn

kinsey french. said...

I honestly agree with everyone else, I think you look gorgeous! Your tan, omd, what I would give for a tan like that. I look a like a walking bleached white sheet. lmao!(:

peacock social said...

drinking wine while cooking is so fun! unfortunately, red wine does make you gain in the gut though, i am living proof of that. haha! you look amazing. i'd kill for that belly.

LKH said...

Here's a great article about how there's no such thing as a bikini body! http://tinyurl.com/44znojq

Mari Ann said...

Just one word....SPRINTS!
If you do 6-9 sets of sprints "30 Second Fat Blaster" style, any extra flab will go away.

Lindsey said...

Hey girl! It's Lindsey (from T&G).... you look ah-mazing!!!!! Anyhow, to keep my abs firm I do 4 sets of 100 crunches 5 days a week... it sounds like alot but it doesn't take all that long to do... not as if you need it anyway!

CaL said...

I love that Carla said that in Latin America, Scandinavian countries & France...because although I'm not Latin, I have a shit ton of Scandinavian & French in me...hence the nightly red wine ritual. ANYWHO, you look amazing! You are one gorgeous girl & although you wanna lose {& I feel you on that one girl} you dont need to... =) Also, Billabong suits are the best. Period.

molly said...

i'm the same height and weight as u and am always hard on myself about losing 10 lbs. & getting more fit, but that being said i think u look so good! it makes me want to stop being so mean to myself. and i always notice a difference when i take it easy on the alcohol, unfortunately.