19 June 2011


 We know it's not the fourth of July yet, but we wanted to make sure you had something to wear on your wrist while you are celebrating!

What you need to do to ENTER.
1. Go visit The Shop and tell us your favorite item.
2. Be a MMBB follower.
3. Name/ Email address
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Good Luck Friends! We thought this would be the perfect giveaway just in time for the 4th of JULY! Once you get your very own Chrisrann piece you will be hooked! See how many I have on? I just keep stacking them on my fingers and my wrists! 


tiffany said...

i love the aqua spartan wrap bracelet !
and i'm a follower.


Calli said...

I'm in loooove with all of the knotted rings. I've had my eyes on them for a while(:
I am a follower as well
The name's Calli and email is webbies4@hotmail.com
And I have also shared on facebook, twitter, and the blog :D

A. said...


I like cleo rope chain.
I'm Alessandra and I'm a follower,my email is alessandra_zavattarelli@hotmail.com.
Shared it!


Katy Pflaum said...

The tan spartan bracelet is gorgeous. I can diggg it. I am a follower.
- Katy

im zoe said...

The spartan wraps are amazing but choosing a fave colour is to hard i want them all :)


annie said...

I absolutely love the multi-chain necklaces. Can't pick a color--love them all!


Amy Valentine said...

i looove the aqua friendship bracelet (:

Shewearscrazywell said...

Alrighty...this is awesome! I'm gonna need the black spartan wrap bracelet. No matter what...I'm gonna need that! :) I love this! I do hope I win..hee hee hee! :) That was just my evil laughter as I plot my blog post and whatnot. Hearts, Janna Lynn shewearscrazywell@gmail.com

Shewearscrazywell said...

Yep...I totally blogged about it :) Here: http://shewearscrazywell.blogspot.com/2011/06/mucho-mucho-bueno-bueno-gals-keeps-me.html

Hearts, Janna Lynn shewearscrazywell@gmail.com

Erika said...

I love the Spartan wrap in black with the gold!! I want it.

My facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=603389571


teaandluv said...

the aqua wrap bracelet is amazing!!

Natalie said...

I want a chain ring! I want a chain ring! I want a chain ring!:) Love it all R- great job!!

Natalie said...


Jules said...

I love the Friendship Bracelet in Mint, but even more I love the Jules Chain in Patriot. It seems fitting for me to have one right?!

Miss you Kelly - Come visit!


emily jean. said...

I love that chain ring! The leather stuff is lovely too!



amanduhhhhh said...

I lovvvvvvvvvvvve the metallic spartan wrap bracelet!!


Elisabeth said...

I adore the Metallic Spartan wrap bracelet!!! :)

vandango33 at gmail dot com

Elisabeth said...

I'm your newest follower-Elisabeth G

vandango33 at gmail dot com

Elisabeth said...

shared to twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/egood33/status/82827067766476800

vandango33 at gmail dot com

Elisabeth said...

shared to FB: https://www.facebook.com/elisabeth.good1/posts/138638289546087

vandango33 at gmail dot com

Layla said...

My fave item is the knotted deep orange ring. I follow you on Bloglovin.

wishfullayla at gmail dot com

GR8itsJONATE said...

I love the white jules chain. And I especially love Rannie! Hehe!

You know my info B+K.

KcD said...

My name is Kacie.
My fave is the metallic Spartan wrap!
My email is stiltprincess.kacie at gmail.
I have shared w/ Twitter!
Cool giveaway. :)

Elle Sees said...

I need that spartan wrap .

Loud Sounds Co. said...

I like the mint jules chain! I follow your blog on google reader!

k said...

I love all the friendship bracelets, but love the mint color. I am also a follower :)

kristen s.

jsanalak said...

i LOVE everything! I love the spartan wrap in aqua the best! <3


YourBeloved said...

I love the Aqua Spartan Wrap bracelet! I have loved the bracelets for a while just haven't been able to order one yet! SO EXCITED about the giveaway!!


Kelly said...

I love this - so fun and patriotic!

Krista wood said...

Chain ring-- own one!
I'll share it - krista.gaskill@yahoo.com

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

my favorite is the mint jules chain and the metallic woven rings and the chest armor!

christi finley, christi.finley@gmail.com

has been linked to my fb, twitter, etc.

comobluffdinosaurmuseum said...

helllllloooo ladies! The ChrisRann line is RAD. Aqua Spartan is where it's at! Also, love the pictures of you babes in patriotic attire. xoxo. ericaheidepriem@gmail.com

StellaBella said...

I love the Jules white and gold necklace. Any and all of the triple strand rings.

Marielle Charette

Little Tree Vintage said...

love this bracelet, it's gorgeous!! My favorite ring is the spartan in neon & black!


Little Tree Vintage said...

tweeted about it!

janaetime said...

I love the jules chain in aqua! What a great idea for a Fourth of July accessory!

ezzi said...

the jules chain in mint is still my all-time fav.
erin: ezzimcgee@gmail.com

i also tweeted this and the re-blog will be up this afternoon (www.ezzi-ink.blogspot.com) :)

sdillondesign said...

So many beautiful pieces, I especially like the Aqua Spartan Wrap. Completely digging The Patriot too!


sdillondesign said...

I am a follower! Woot woot!


heather anne. said...

so cute! and it definitely would be the perfect accessory for such a fun day! i really love the jules chain, in ALL of the colours! i am having a hard time picking which one!

heather anne / kampeskaphotography@gmail.com

beth said...

my favorite i think is the mint friendship bracelet :)

Betsy said...

I love the spartan bracelet in Aqua or any of the multi chain necklaces!!! love their stuff!

I love mucho mucho bueno bueno!


Windsor Grace said...

Cleo Rope chain. I'm definitely a follower. Dude, that store is f-ing fantastic.

Windsor Grace said...

and here is a tweet tweet http://twitter.com/#!/WindsorGrace/status/83549999098630144

Windsor Grace said...

I facebooked too, but I don't know if you'll be able to see it http://www.facebook.com/windsorgrace

Jordan Stratton said...

I love the black knotted ring. And I am a follower.

Jordan Stratton


Patria said...

LOVE THE AQUA SPARTAN RING!!! I want like twenty of them! love you girls!

eltomboy (at) gmail (dot) com

Ashley said...

I love the triple strand rings - any color :) Oh and Im a follower too!!

Eveee said...

I love the black knotted ring!! Well, really everything! ;) loves you girls!!

Mamavette xo

Kassi said...

i love the spartan wraps in black, white and aqua... LOVIN' the cleo rope chain necklace - in the aqua and white and the blue and white and both the gorgo necklace and chest armor necklace are pretty rad. basically, i like all of it... a lot.

and of course, i'm a follower. :)

ps. our move in date is the 8th - woo hoo - the girls and i are flying in on the 7th so i'll see y'all soon

Veronica said...

* I love the Patriot! I love ALL of the knotted rings, the white Spartan wrap, & the mint friendship bracelet!
* I am a follower.
*Veronica Haner veronicahaner@yahoo.com
* and i'm spreadin' the word on Facebook!

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

I love the jules chain necklace in mint. So cute.



Nina said...

I love love love the Aqua Spartan Wrap Bracelet! It's stunning!

kelly ann said...

I want one of EVERYTHING in the shop, but I LOVE their friendship bracelets!! Awesome giveaway!

Kelly Ann
kellyann at flowerchilddwelling dot com

Stacy said...

Love those rings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy Renfroe

kimberella said...

how about that cleo in aqua/white. perfect!

nicole said...

I love the spartan wrap bracelets. Thanks for the chance to win! xo.


nicole said...

I blogged about it here:


Thanks again! xo.


the good shoppe said...

man, i adore the patriot bracelet.
if i had to choose just one favorite thing from chrisrann i would say the multi-chain necklace in aqua and black.
thanks so much for sharing!

the good shoppe said...

i shared it here--->

Lizz said...

The metallic spartan wrap... It's prettyful and I love bracelets that wrap around multiple times.

Lizz Hough @ lizzhough45@aol.com

bracelyn said...

I LOVE the multi chain necklace in aqua and black!! I got my eye on that necklace...