15 July 2011


Last weekend we spent our Saturday at a pig roast for Taylor's (our cousin) Birthday. We knew it was going to be a loooonnnngggg day of heat, fun, and grubbing so we dressed for the gig.

(under $20)
I love Texas!

Interested about what's in my cup? Citrus iced tea & Tito's vodka is always refreshing.
Outfit Post.
On a hot/humid Houston day, I knew I had to wear light and airy clothing. My friend Joseph and I made this grey dress out of an old sports shirt 7 or 8 years ago. I wanted to layer a tank over so that I could eat all the grub I wanted without my tummy poking out.
Outfit Post.
Roots all I see is Roots! i Haven't touched my color since April... bad Brandi.
Outfit post.
and I am wearing the same orange lipstick I always wear... It's the only color I feel ok wearing.
5 dolla shades. (Nevermind my nasty bruise, Kelly pinched me)

Texas Key representing!
a little lace makes my tom boy look a bit softer.
25 cent boots. no lie. I was thrifting with Vintage Virgin when I scored these. I rushed in with 10 minutes til closing, scanned the shelves, and spotted these bad boys! Yeayah!

(under $20)
Hankies are a must when you know the day is going to get a little messy! Wipe your face shiny faces:) problem solved. You better believe that knot came undone before the clock struck 12. Way too much food in the belly!
Ever get tired of glasses on, glasses off, glasses on, glasses off?
These are my favorite shades to sport to parties that start while the sun is up and continue way after the sun goes down. (we snagged these at a flea market in California.)
Party shirt: thirfted for a whopping 4 bucks. I roll my sleeves like Michael J Fox.
Denim cut offs: FREE (hand me downs from big sis)

Lip color: coral lip liner from Makeup Forever.
Thrifted fringe boots for a little extra spirit. Great for dancing feet like mine.

For those who are about to rock...

PS We were just spotted over at TOMBOY STYLE! It's a pretty sweet blog, so go check it out.


Justina F. Lee said...

Very cute both of yoU!

BuenoBueno said...

Thanks Justina! You are always too kind :)

christine said...

you two are so pretty and have the cutest clothes ever <3

lonniewebb said...

fricken rad style! "those people" are you haha. LOVE this post!

CaL said...

You two are adorable! This is such a great style post! Keep those feet dancin girls!

happy owl erin said...

love these photos! you two are such dolls. And the flip up shades...classic!

Kimberly said...

You guys are the photo on tomboy style today! How rad!

Sarah said...

so glad i saw your post before i got ready this morning. my tee wasn't fitting quiet right, so i slit the back and tied it in a knot - perfect!

ohsonoko said...

Really great style...as always! Love the gray dress you made & Kelly's tied up T. Thank you for being a source of inspiration.

Amber Blue Bird said...

25 cents for those boots?!?! Thats like the score of the century.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

don't you love when you're wearing an outfit that hardly cost you anything but looks good?! i love it! and sometimes (well, ever since i was a teenager and would read fashion magazines) i'd think about what i was wearing and how much it cost in case someone from a magazine asked me and took my picture. i know, it's crazy, but you never know!

kinsey french said...

You babes look SO great! I love these outfits. :D

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

You guys both look like serious rockstars. For real.


BuenoBueno said...

Thank you Ladies and gents! We have more outfit posts from our friends coming your way!!!


Jennifer said...

what lipstick do you wear?
i started looking for an orange lipstick a few weeks ago and couldn´t find a nice one yet. Help!
Best greetings from Hamburg

Little Tree Vintage said...

you girls have the best style!