03 August 2011


Over the weekend, Brandi and I helped out behind the scenes (Makeup, Hair, Styling) of a Micah Bickham photo shoot in an abandon building somewhere in downtown Houston. With 'abandoned building' in mind, I knew I had to dress with style, but also be practical. Here's the breakdown...

Hair back with a Neut Rambo headband keeping flyaways out of my sweaty face.
Glasses... when that amount of dirt and dust is sitting in the air, contacts are not your friend.

Cheap floral tank for a splash of cute
Rust leather vest for a bit of clothing protection.
Dark denim shorts that I wouldn't miss if they were damaged on set.

Jewelry (left to right): Lola and George Thorn Ring, Ax + Apple Maya Necklace, Fossil Watch, Chrisrann Bracelet.
Leather boots are a must.


I'm not a fan of outfits that you can't dance or do cartwheels in. We will post some behind the scenes shots of this photo shoot later in the week.


littmssunshine said...

Love the functionality of this outfit! :) A+ all around ladies!

lonniewebb said...

those boots are so SICK!!

CaL said...

Cute cute cute! I love the floral top w/ those badass boots!

Weronika said...

So cute, I love everything about this!

Little Tree Vintage said...

love your style lady! and i want a pair of justin boots soooo bad!

BuenoBueno said...

Thanks everyone! The boots were thrifted for $8. I've picked up two other pairs of Justin boots in the last year at thrift stores. Not sure why someone would toss them out, but I sure am greatful!

kinsey french said...

I love this outfit, seriously so cute. And I am in agreeance with Lonniewebb, those boots ARE so sick! ;)

rachelinaustin said...

Great outfit!! I love it! It's always hard to look cute but also wear clothes you don't mind getting damaged.