23 August 2011

COVERING MY SKIVVIES: Thank You Amber Sakai (pt.2)

Kelly wearing Amber Sakai
1) Ring C/O Lola and George Wristlets Fossil, Bueno Bueno, (and some were a gift from a friend)  2) Shirt C/O Amber Sakai  3) Necklaces Vintage C/O AndrewModern  4) Skirt Lux  5) Purse Vintage (for sale)

Thank you Amber Sakai for giving me my new favorite shirt! I think I wore this shirt 4 times last week (gotta work on spreading it out a bit). Like Brandi, I found myself pairing it with denim cutoffs and Ropers, but I'm having a lot of fun mixing up my closet.






Have you seen the Amber Sakai Fall line? Beautiful. Check out the Geneva Jacket, Beirut Pant, Marrakesh trouser, Lisbon dress, Seoul dress, Moscow Tee, and more HERE



kt barnes said...

perrrrrfect hair.

CaL said...

I just LOVE the one where it looks like you're dancing & the last one! That shirt looks so comfy & great & so does the skirt! Pretty lady! =)

Carla said...

Your hair looks SO awesome, Kelly! Am I going to have to fly to Houston to get hair like this? Dream hair!

Anonymous said...

can you be any more perfect! wish I had your features!


Rachel said...

Pretty! I have hair envy ^_^

beca said...

I second Carla, dream hair. And that shirt is pretty rad too!

SVB said...

You are a TOTAL whore! lollololololol!

JK! I love Kellytron!

BuenoBueno said...

Thanks ladies (esp SVB)! xo