02 August 2011

RANDOM FACTS: Brandi Lisenbe

Jacob and I have been together a little over 6 years now. 
 I really don't like driving, I just prefer to most the time because I get really car sick as a passenger. I have been told I am a scary driver.
 Sometimes I buy albums just because I like the cover.
Name 3 albums that you CAN'T love without.
I have a closet full of white shirts, all kinds. I have to throw a lot out too because I get color on most.
 I come from such a musical family (My Grandma was a voice and piano teacher, and from her to the aunts and uncles to our cousins, it seems like everyone got the music bug) and guess what? I don't know how to play anything! I went through a phase where I knew a couple songs on the guitar, but all my piano lessons and accordion lessons never stuck. I wish I never gave up on Piano.
When Lonnie was in town we showed him around town, took him to our favorite places and he just snapped away. 

All the colorful rings and bracelets you see in these photo's are CHRISRANN. If your digging it, you should totally "like" them on facebook. All Photo's by Lonnie Webb. 


Kaitlyn said...

These pictures are beautiful! I really love them! I really don't like driving either.. but, can totally understand being car sick. I love the shoes in the last picture <3

In our sea of love

Nathan said...

Love the Rhodes piano in the last two pics. Always promised myself I’d buy one when I had enough extra cash. Still haven’t. You should’ve bought it and gotten back into playing piano. It’d be fun on that bad boy.

Justina F. Lee said...

I have a lot of beige/white tops too! Its painful when I see a stain on it.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i always like seeing pics of you and jacob because it looks like you guys have that kind of fun love, which is totally the best.

um, yeah, you're definitely a scary driver at times.

i also buy albums because of the cover. i've gotten lucky though and ended up really liking some of them!

jacob said...

I've noticed there are quite a few pics of me trying to lick your face.
Sorry, I guess you're just so sweet.

Raman said...

Great post! love all the jewelry! I totally am guilty of buying albums just because I like the cover but you totally find some great new music that way!! x Raman


{molly beth} said...

Such a cute post! I love your sparkly gold Toms... They are fabulous. I have the sparkly cream ones, and I love them!

Come stop by my style blog!

WK said...

Heart your glitters. Get it on the ivories!