16 November 2011




Just tried this dry shampoo by Kenra and I think I'm in love! It smells like watermelon, and it doesn't spray out white like other dry shampoo.



Lynzy got the itch to change her hair color, and I suggested a copper color because it's oh so pretty and also it's all the rage right now. With her fair skin tone I knew she could pull it off.
I decided to mix two colors to get just the right color I was going for. Doesn't this look amazing?





After drying and using the curl stick I let the curls cool off before touching. Then I sprinkled some Powder puff. It's a volumizing powder that adds texture and smells wonderful!
Now you can break up the curls and blend in the powder. I don't like perfect curls so I like to rough  them up.


TIP: If you want your color to last longer use a SULFATE FREE shampoo and conditioner, also try not to wash everyday.



Rebecca.O said...

Love the new salon, can not wait for my next visit!

GR8itsJONATE said...

Love the pop of color! I think I can pull it off. Bwahaha! <3

nicole said...

Amazing transformation!

Oh, and I use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner on my blonde locks. I love L'Oreal Ever Pure. I may need to try that Kevin Murphy powder, thanks! Sounds awesome! xo.

Paislea Elyse said...

i love this color on her. it's looks natural!! i hate it when people go red and it looks fake. i'm a natural red head and it's just one of my pet peeves!!

allister bee blog

Grace Goodson said...

Looks so Awesome! She can pull off anything!! Great pictures of the salon, Post them on our page;)

Lynzy Lab said...

Awww shucks, you guys!!! :)

Thank you, Brandisney, for making my dreams of being a copperhead come true! LOVE YOU!!

miss teacups. said...

woooow. that is a FANTASTIC colour, i love it!! i've always wanted to try it but i currently have black hair, ugh...haha. she had the perfect colour to do something bright and fun with! great job :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful as always, Brandi ... and the salon pics are great! love you, haley

brittajean said...

This is giving me ideas...

ohsonoko said...

Love the color! LOVE the salon! LOVE UUU!

Sleepy Darlings said...

GORGEOUS!! such a great color, and so much depth to it! Makes me want to dye my hair (except i look frighteningly fake in any color but black!)

CaL said...

Oh yay! Salon shot! & you got your new FOAM too. =) I love this color & her hair looks SO shiny during the drying process...wowza! You're great!

Two Happy Hearts said...

such a lovely color!!
and what a perfectly cute salon :D

Little Tree Vintage said...

wow! that color looks amazing on her! well done!

Hair Romance said...

Love the copper, looks fab!

Jacqueline said...

Looks great! I absolutly love the way your salon turned out!
xo Jac

Jaina said...

I looooove gingers! This fully makes me wanna dye my hair red, if I were brave enough... Plus, this chick is just a doll. I mean, just look at her! And its pretty great that she can pull off the ginger look.(:

fifth floor apartment said...

such a rad color. looks great!

xo Alison

Forever Dream Photography said...

Love the new color! Will definitely be becoming a new follower(after this comment) Really enjoyed your blog! *Sydney*

Rachel said...

Beautiful! Love it :D