15 November 2011


As previously mentioned, Brandi and I got to spend some sister sister time together in the 'Hill Country' this past weekend. When she asked me to go to a wedding with her, I said yes and packed a bag without asking for details, so I was completely shocked upon arrival. As soon as my feet touched the ground I was running around everywhere, snapping photos and saying things along te lines of 'Omg, Brandi, look how beautiful. Oh my lordy, check this out!' I mean, don't even get me started on the cabin. We kept the doors open at the cabin and my eyes were fixed on the slab of color that the trees and river provided. Brandi was in professional Hair Stylist mode and working most of the time and I was really good at being the girl no one knew who ate the food... wish I was kidding. Haha.

When it came down to outfits, we were super prepared. We each brought multple options. After puting on our first options for eachother, we tossed 'plan b' out the window. Good thing we have another wedding this upcoming weekend! Anyway, the wedding was beautiful and short and the reception was beautiful and fun. We took photobooth pics, ate, laughed, stood by the treat table way too long and goofed off. Eventually, we got pretty goofy and started doing, well, you'll see. I'm so glad I had the weekend off to go on this miniventure with my seester.



So she started the night off in her new Platforms but it was really hard to walk on the cobblestones in these.







please excuse her pale/dry legs, this was before she applied lotion. whoops!
New Bueno Name Plate with Shark Tooth.
look how professional she looks posing on the balcony;)

Ok so we didn't know anyone else at the wedding so we just hung out and enjoyed ourselves.
We loved the quilts so much that we hung out here a good portion of the night and ate sweets.
"Hey Kelly How awkward do I look?" I wonder what the other guests thought of us. Ha
Just smile so people don't think you are snobby.
This is when some guy told her "That's why you will never be married!"  WHAAAA she is married!!!
Oh boy if you only knew the things we talk about when we are together and the things we witness daily.
This is when we were trying to wake ourselves up because we were fading fast....
Jump- Twirl- Spin!!!!
Let's pretend we are Super Hero's!



Someone is coming HIDE!!!!!!
Are you sure???????
What? we have been sitting like ladies all night long.
Yup, what she said.

Anthropologie slip
Free People Skirt
Lux Top
UO Button Down
Steve Madden Platforms
Justin Boots
Bueno Bueno Jewelry

Dress: UO
Shirt: Free People
Tights: Express
Boots: BCBG
Jewelry: all Bueno Bueno except Fossil Watch and Lola and George Thorn Ring


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

wow, i love brandi's shoes and skirt, and i love your sheer shirt!

and look at brandi at the balcony in those shoes, what a hottie!

brittajean said...

"the girl no one knew who ate the food... "

This made me crack up. Been there, done that.

lonniewebb said...

love you guys :)

Grace Goodson said...

So cute! I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!!

ohsonoko said...

flippin awesome as always! you girls could ake anything look great but you were both stunning in your fun & creative outfits. Brandy, those platforms are hot hot hot but I really love this last foto with you floating above the stone wall. thanks for sharing.

Julie @ Velvet and Shag Vintage said...

I love Brandi's shoes and Kelly's sparkly tights! You girls seem like such lovely, happy people. You could make any moment fun!

angela's eyes. said...

I have that dress...and you just helped me incorporate it into my cold weather wardrobe! If only I could get those tights in a tall size...

Kinsey French said...

I am absolutely dying, this is just awesome.. y'all are awesome! :D <3

CaL said...

I'm loving Brandi's shoe change! & all those badass ninja moves! Don't hurt yourself. Ha! Dudettes, you crack me up.

Rannie said...

This is the best! Last picture is my fav :)

Natalie said...

These are some of your best outfits ladies. Nicely done!:)

Karra/vainbuthonest said...

Ya'll are beyond adorable and the dress looks awesome on you. ;)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Hahaha! Oh, my, girls! You're fun! :P

Little Tree Vintage said...

you guys are super cute and i of course love the caption don't mind her pale legs this was before lotion..hahaha thats so something i would write about my legs LOL

hannah. said...

Y'all are just down-right hilarious!! ;)

Anonymous said...

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