20 November 2011

I'm Feeling Warm & Fozzie





Please excuse my horrible paint job. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to get a proper manicure. Isn't this color making you want to sip on some hot cider and string up the Christmas lights...

Kelly and I just got back in town from an amazing week/weekend at the Ranch for James and Aubrey's wedding and we are POOPED. We will share some fun photo's later this week from all the fun festivities! Right now all I wanna do is veg out in front of the ol'  boob tube with my bloke.



Sarah said...

Ooo! You got 'em! I want to try Fozzie.

Little Tree Vintage said...

pretty sure i fell in love with all of the muppet colors on OPI...did you see nicki minaj's new line coming out 2012? Ah-mazing!

House of Milk said...

I was just getting a manicure the other day, and the lady next to me opted for Warm and Fozzie... and she made them take it off because she hated it! I was like, girl you're crazy! I think it's the perfect fall shade.

rannie said...

love this color!