08 November 2011


I am in love with the EXTRA VOLUME shampoo and conditioner from Moroccan Oil. The Moisture shampoo and conditioner are amazing too but they can be a little heavy on hair if you don't have thick, coarse, or damaged hair.

- Smells amazing
- Color safe
- Sulfate, phosphate, and Paraben free
- Adds volume to fine and limp hair
- $23

You don't have to use a lot of shampoo, pour small amounts on finger tips and scrub your scalp into a nice lather. Then rinse. Do not worry about wasting all your shampoo on middle to ends of your hair.
Next, squeeze excess water out of your hair and use a small amount of extra volume conditioner through the middle to the ends. Try to avoid putting conditioner on scalp. Why? Because it tends to look greasy.

Places to Purchase Moroccan Oil Products:
Do or Dye Tx (Montrose area)
@DoOrDyeTx (we now have twitter)


Audrey H. said...

When I run out of the regular S+C, I want this. It's been impossible to find sulfate-free shampoo that has options!

CaL said...

When I run out of my Aquage I'm so getting this. My mom got some & it was great! I love your suggestions. =)

Anonymous said...

This stuff makes my hair so weighed down and stringy. I have really thick hair too =(

so sad

U U N A said...

oh wait so the moisturising s&c are good for damaged hair as well? i thought you needed to use repair s&c for that?

BuenoBueno said...

UUNA- Both work for damaged hair Repair and Moisture Shampoo's focus on restoring your hair cuticle. :)

Anon- the Extra Volume one does? are you rinsing it out good enough? Many people don't rinse out their conditioner good enough. Don't put conditioner on your scalp. If this still makes it look weighed down then I would use maxi wash by Kevin Murphy

Little Tree Vintage said...

ugh! i so wish i was there for you to do my hairs :\

Melissa Locks said...

I have REALLY sensitive scalp and skin, and instead of this one, I use the Shielo Volume Shampoo. I love it!

It's difficult to find in local stores in my area so I appreciate being able to order it online.My hair is shiney and my scalp is healthy.