13 November 2011

Sister Weekend: Hideout on the Horseshoe




















We made it! With no sleep and 3 hours of driving, Kelly and I arrived at Hideout On The Horseshoe in New Braunfels at 9:30 am yesterday morning. We tried to eat smart on the way and stick to Paleo but the almonds and banana did not satisfy us so we caved and ate a taco! But good thing we did because I had to do wedding hair from 11-2:30 and I might not have lasted if it weren't for that taco.

Anyway this place is gorgeous and our cabin was better than perfect! Since Jacob was out of town with his band (The 71's)  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for Kelly and I to have SISTER SISTER (yes I broke out into song just then) Time. And we had a blast! We were seriously cra cra by 9 pm though. That's what lack of sleep will do to you. You know the feeling... where everything is so hilarious, but just to you?  Yeah that was us, walking around, posing like fools, standing by the cake table a little too long, sitting on hay, dancing our way back to our cabin (completely sober), watching really bad Lifetime Movies.

I wish the trip would have been a little longer but we had to get back today so Kel could get to work and so I could get fitted for Miss James (Bleubird Vintage) Wedding next weekend! This week is going to be so crazy it's going to fly by!

Does anyone else feel like they are going to a wedding, shower, or party every weekend? When does life slow down?


Carla said...

That place looks like heaven to me! Next time, invite me and I'll spend the night in the bathtub;)
So glad you guys got to spend time away together.

rannie said...

So pretty! Now I wish I would have gone! hhaha

Miki's scrapbook said...

What an awesome place! I wonder if that's in Texas. It's so cool that you girls manage to spend time together and have a great time ;). I wish I were that close to my sis :/.

Have a fun week!


Karla Khodanian said...

Look at that tub! Wow, I'm super jealous of this gorgeous place! And life's not worth living without the occasional taco splurge ;)


CaL said...

That place is a jewel! Oh man...I cannot wait for this weekend & my mini get-away. It's a necessity! Life is too busy & moves way too fast!

ratedH said...

omg! that is beautiful. Hope y'all enjoyed y'allselves.

Paislea Elyse said...

what a gorgeous venue!!!

allister bee blog

Anna said...

Wow, this place looks INSANELY gorgeous!!!