06 December 2011


so what should i do? cut it? or leave it long?


Kassi said...

you look hot however you have your hair! i love your long, pretty hair but at the same time i totally think you would look great with it chopped off! it would be a fun change... plus hair grows and your hair grows faaaaast. :)

Megan said...

keep it long!! it's gorgeous! i wish i had long hair. i'm always cutting it when it gets at the awkward length. annnnd i regret it every time!

Doug said...

Keep it long you turd.

bonfire of my vanity said...

i read your blog everyday but i never really comment. i had to comment on this. keep it long, girl! you've got great hair. cut bangs for a change, but please don't cut that gorgeous hair!

Collee said...

This comment requires one buenobueno pinky pimp ring to complete.

Kersey Campbell said...

Keep it! I think most women regret chopping it.

Paislea Elyse said...

do NOT cut your hair. i envy your hair so much. i have long hair, but i can never get it to look like yours... i mean, you would look just as good with short hair... as we all know, but long hair just fits you!!!

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Michelle said...

I love your hair, keep it long, although even if you did cut it you'd still be super hot!

Aubrey said...

I say chop it! You only live once, hair grows back!!

Anonymous said...

You would look awesome both ways! From my experience, cutting all of your hair off is such a cathartic experience. And, it's just hair...it grows back. If you don't like it, it'll be long again soon. Have fun with it!

Keely said...

um.. if you cut it, can i use your leftovers as extensions??!! ;-)

anyway, i say leave it long.. or longish.. i always like my hair short for like a week and then i want it be long again.. just sayin yo!


Shewearscrazywell said...

I have only grown my hair long once in my adult life....its always been very short. After I grew it out, I never wanted to chop it again...except for one day. I got a wild idea. i chopped it all off into a vvvery cropped pixie. Its been short ever since. I have tried to grow it...and failed. Finally I have started to grow it long for real. Its going to take a really long time. Its been three months and my hair is just starting to graze the bottom of my ears. Think about it super long because it takes a long time to grow it out again. You look pretty no matter what (seriously...if they bottled up your adorableness they could sell it for millions of american dollars!)...but I always look at your hair as a motivation for growing out mine. Just sayin! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Joelle said...

Don't cut it off! I promise you'll regret it. I'm saying this from experience, keep it long!

The Sunshine District said...

Long, long, long! Your hair is so beautiful :)
xo Jac

Little Tree Vintage said...

keep it long! it's so pretty don't cut it off

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

I have never had short hair. This is because I am a huge wimp. Although I think your long hair is super gorgeous, if you did chop it, I think you'd look equally as rad.


kelly ann beavers said...

half and half!

Rachel said...

I love the shaved part but I also loooove your long wavy hair! It's an inspiration. Short hair can be hella fun, though ;) And hair grows back.

Tyta Montrase said...

don't cut

Windsor Grace said...

I'm way behind on this, but I would like to say keep it long. Just get a different cut or something. Short hair is fun for 2 weeks and then I felt like a boy and I've been growing it out for forever.

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