20 December 2011

Nolene, Joe and Charlie Brown Christmas

One of my favorite things to do is look at old pictures and try to imagine what it was like back then.
Grandpa. Aunt Vicki. Aunt Cindy.

Grandpa and our Dad.

 Grandpa and Grandma also known as Joe and Nolene.

 I love seeing presents under the tree. I spy Lincoln Logs! 

Look at all that Tinsel! This photo makes me super happy.

This was just the beginning for them. I am so proud of my Grandparents. They were both such hard workers and they are proof that hard work pays off. Can you imagine having 8 kids? It seems like it would be super fun but can you imagine 8 kids running around? AHHHHH!!! Ha! I don't know how they did it, but they did and they have always made Christmas so magical and memorable. Thank You Grandma and Grandpa for starting some amazing Christmas Traditions! 

-The music we listen to is the same my Dad and his siblings grew up listening to when he was a kid. It went from Records to Tapes to Cd's to I-pod back to Records and we can't forget Grandma playing away on the piano. Nothing more amazing than Grandma playing music from Charlie Brown Christmas on the piano.

Charlie Brown Christmas Dance- I love dancing like them!

Speaking of Charlie Brown Christmas you can watch it free right here on Hulu:)

Merry Christmas Week! Hope you are all with the ones you LOVE! 


rannie said...

beautiful. i love you!

ohsonoko said...

This post made me smile so BIG. Thank you for sharing these magical moments & memories. I too try & imagine what it would be like to be there & what it was like to wake up to that beautiful tree to those super cool toys.

Thank you thank you!

kaitlin {bee-loved} said...

aw these are so amazing! i can't get over that tv, so neat looking :) my husband is one of 9 and it is all sorts of crazy but equally as awesome. have a happy Christmas!!

Anna said...

thanks for sharing these! it makes me nostalgic for my family (in a happy way not a sad way). Awesome photos and family memories. Hope your holiday is magic!

Chelsea said...

These are so sweet. Love it. Your grandmother looks so glam...and I love the tinsel! xo

ellebeth said...

I LOVE y'alls old family pictures! Just opened up a 'Bueno' ring after church tonight! yay!