11 January 2012

WHERE I WORK: Kelly Garcia


I know some of you that know me must be confused. I have quite a few jobs, but one of them (and a favorite) is my job at Roots The Salon. It's not one of those joby jobs that you dread when the weekend's over. Everything, the owners, stylists, tunes, environment, right down to the clients topped off with a flood of natural lighting is perfection. I love every day i'm there. Here are a few instagram shots by Simon...

Brandan's razor collection (that's me at work in the reflection on the right)
Chad (in power stance), Brandan and Rita choppin' some mops.
Works by Adrienne Wong Preston can be found throughout the salon

We completely love/carry Bumble and Bumble, Kevin.Murphy, and Moroccanoil


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Lizelisabeth said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I really loooove it!!! The hair salon seems really cozy. Following your blog and your style now! ;) Hope you can drop by my blog sometime.

Hug and kiss kiss,


Dwight Taylor Lee said...

What! I didn't know you worked at roots! Goof, you need to not be such a stranger.