03 February 2012






Nora said I need this for when I go to Granny G's. I think I should....no I have way too many suitcases!






She scored this awesome hat and it was discounted because it was a trade:)









Yesterday Nora and I were still working on the Craft room/ Creative studio in my house when we decided to take a little break and bring our bags of unwanted stuff to Replay. I ended up getting $75 worth of credit. SCORE! I am so planning on getting my Valentines Day outfit with that credit for our Sequins Party at The Boom Boom Room.

Things I have been getting better at while shopping:
-I don't have to buy everything I love. I can just admire it while I am there.
-Only buy what I went in looking for
-If it's an item that is super rare and I think I will never find again....still ask myself will I wear it for real?


713- 863-9344
373 West 19th Street
Houston Tx, 77008
Tues- Sat 11:30am- 6:30pm Sunday 12pm- 5:30pm


Dashfield Vintage said...

That place looks like heaven!!

Two Happy Hearts said...

woahh!! that place looks incredible!

Jamie said...

my fav fav store in houston! your pics are so good.

BuenoBueno said...

I love the people who own it too! They are always so friendly and helpful!

Jamie- thanks! i am actually camera shopping:) so that we can always have a good camera on hand. We have 2 but we need a third. any recs?

Little Tree Vintage said...

i would love to go shopping with you girls. and i want you both to come to austin when i'm there...do it pleeeasee

my latest obsession said...

I. Love. Replay! I actually used to sew clothes for them and they let me sell some of my clothes there. I haven't been there in ages though! Nice pictures (: It's so cool to read a blog where you can actually recognize things!


GR8itsJONATE said...

Looks like a smaller Retropolis, but nonetheless pretty cool. I would definitely need to take my allergy meds before visiting. Ha!

Anonymous said...

we just don't have stores like that in Sydney.. and the ones that resemble it are so expensive -- ugh! Crazy jealous!

lisa said...

That store looks amazing! I used to have that Going to Grandma's suitcase and I wish I still did :)

BuenoBueno said...

MAria- when will you be in Austin?
Sam- Really! what a crazy small world! Yeah Houston needs to be blogged about more!
Joe- you and your allergies!
Anon- in sydney eh? Well I'm jealous you live there!
Lisa- isn't it the cutest!? Where did your lil suitcase go?

ohsonoko said...

This store is the most amazing thing! I want to go there for real. GOOD for you & your newly acquired shopping habits. I work on that mindset constantly.

Amy said...

That place looks like heaven, thrift style. I have that "to grandmas house" suitcase! Just saw your mama and papa rings on twitter and am DYING. On my wish list. LOVE.

rannie said...

lets go together next time, pwease.

panchoandleftey said...

Looking at this pictures reminds me that i have a gift certificate for REPLAY - let me know next time you go, i might have to tag along and get my credit's worth !!!


Tiffanie said...

Oh, oh, oh! Do you know the name of those bags hanging on the wall (10th photo up)? I have one, and it's so amazing, and it folds and snaps into a half-sized purse shape. I love it, but the interior of mine is crumbling apart. I would love to pick another one up. Maybe I'll give the shop a call tomorrow. Great photos!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

This place is like heaven! I SO wish we had one like this where I live. Thanks for the info if I'm ever in Houston I'm totally stalking this place!

Tiffanie said...

Follow up:

Michael at Replay was so sweet, we used a photo from your blog with the bags I love so much to figure out long distance which bag I wanted, I bought it over the phone, and as soon as you guys stop getting the crazy rain, they are shipping it to me in San Francisco.

So, thanks for posting these great photos! Seriously, I gasped when I saw the bags I love on that wall. Thank you!

BuenoBueno said...

tiffanie- OMG i am so glad!! that's awesome! yes the rain was crazy! so happy we could help!