01 February 2012


Ginny Lee. Make Up Artist at Do or Dye Tx.
 We all loved the Naked Pallet, but Naked 2 is even better.

5 Reasons Ginny Lee loves Naked 2
1. the shades are cooler.
2. comes with dual sided brush.
3. comes with lipgloss that looks good on everyone.
4. colors last all day long.
5. very versatile, you can make a lot of different looks.


You can buy this: Sephora or Urbandecay.com
We recommend you buy at sephora.com since they can't keep it in stock in stores.
*Shipping is free since it's $50

If you have the Naked 2 already what are your thoughts? Do you like it better than the first one?


Glamazon said...

We have tons of these at our store

BuenoBueno said...


LC said...

ginny totally looks like michelle williams... and i have to say one of her previous posts inspired me to request a make-up palette for xmas. (santa brought it!).

Kelsey said...

I almost bought this palette, but was torn between the Naked and Naked 2. Now I know.

But I have to ask...what lipstick is she wearing in the photo?

Bon Bon said...

I've been contemplating snagging the Naked 2 palette...I'm a sucker for all those pretty pigments:-) xoxo

mary d said...

I think I need this.

BuenoBueno said...

Kelsey- She is wearing my orange lipstick. Kat Von D brand:) It's my favorite.
LC- Santa is so good!
BON BON- we all are suckers!
Mary D- GET IT!

CaL said...

This is perfect!

Robyn said...

That would last me forever... reason enough to buy it. I remember to wear sunscreen every day, but eye shadow/liner and lipgloss can be a stretch. I'm not proud. Amazon wish list added.

*I live in Tampa BTW.

BuenoBueno said...

Cal- Agreed!
Robyn- Tampa Eh? Never been. Maybe we should make that trip with Kelly's pin point method!I am bad about make up too but i am getting better! I do have the NAKED

Tiffanie said...

I just want to know what that lipstick is, and I see it in the comment above. Kat Von D lipstick? Who knew?

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