19 February 2012


How Brandi and Kelly eat a Recess Peanut Butter Cup  wear the Malt Shop Dress.

We Love our new MALT SHOP Dress from Shabby Apple. We were so excited when our package arrived in the mail! Kelly and I both have similar styles but she has a more girly twist on things. I always feel the need to add a touch of masculinity to anything fem. 





Shabby Apple Lace Dress
This is what I call my Rain Man Pose. I walk and stand just like my father (head is always a little tilted) so I hear. Anyway...





Lil shoot for #shabbyapple #lace dress

This dress is perfect for us because we can pretty much dress it up or down to make it work for any situation. We did alter the length because Kelly and I are shorties. 


Justina F. Lee said...

My God that is such a beautiful dress!!

Zharleen said...

Gah, I LOVE Shabby Apple. One of my friends wore a black lace dress to our New Year's Eve party. So gorgeous. And they have a polka dot peplum one that's cute, but sold out. :(

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i love the way you added a chambray shirt and boots, b. i have a grey lace dress, and although i like feminine things, that's just too girly, so i always wear a chambray shirt belted at the waist so i still feel like i can say something dirty or not be such a lady ;)


BuenoBueno said...

Thanks Justina!
Zharleen- did you contact them to see if it's going to be available again?
Danielle- Yes My thoughts exactly about the talking dirty:) I don't belt mine bc then you can see how NOT SMALL my waist is:) heee heee thats ok though I started Boot camp again today!

Paislea Elyse said...

this dress looks adorable on both of you! i do have to say that i prefer brandi's style a tiny bit, just to add a little something something to it! but both of you ladies look great!

it's so fun that you can share clothes. i wish i had a sister that i could do that with, but my sister is still 11. so that doesn't work so well!

any how, have a great day!

drop by allister bee soon!


Wonderful dress and boots! Together it looks so girly, so indie rock! :)

nancy said...

beautiful dress! aw man, it must be so much fun to have a sister to share clothes with! (my girlfriends' clothes swap parties will just HAVE to suffice ;))

Little Tree Vintage said...

what a pretty dress! i love it! you look amazinggggg kelly!

Kells said...


Caroline said...


BuenoBueno said...

Awe ladies- Thanks so much! It is fun to share clothes...SOMETIMES hahaha! We are the smae size but shaped way differently! Our shoe sizes are only one size off but i usually wear bigger shoes bc i hate when my toes touch the tips!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I've been looking for a dress like this! I'll have to check out their site. You look gorgeous in it!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit!!!


Chelynne said...

When you got your dress, where did it hit before you altered it? I'm thinking about ordering this dress, but I need it to hit my knee! (I'm 5'3 but have some curves that always makes things a little shorter)

Thanks! :)