21 March 2012


Photo on 2012-03-20 at 16.26 #3

A lot of you asked me to do a tutorial on FISHTAILS. And we all know "If you ask, you shall receive!" Well... we hope right? My mom used to do these braids on us all the time when we were growing up. She still does them on me when I feel like having my hair played with, which is rare because I can't sit still for too long, much less have someone else do my hair. Control freak much? Uh yeah just a little.
So... I thought for this video we can start with the basics. 
Easy. Messy. Fishtail. Teased. No rubber band needed.
Let us know how you do on your fishtail adventure and send us a pic!
If you want to show me on Instagram  @LisenbeSquared
Or Twitter @BrandiLisenbe

This is how Kelly Likes to Rock her Fishy.


andrea said...

I have always been able to master braids... except the fishtail! this post makes me hope my hair grows super fast for summer so i can practice!

panchoandleftey said...

can't wait until my hair is long enough to do this myself

Rachel - Firebird said...

Great tutorial - I am looking forward to giving this a go. I guess it will still look sweet with a fringe (or US bangs)?

Mornings with Milo said...

Trying this tonight!! Thanks girls!!!!

miss teacups. said...

Did you say "And don't make it perfect because...it's not that cute" Haha...I'm not sure that's what you said lol but it made me laugh!

Raman said...

great tutorial, easy to follow and my first attempt was semi decent! I wanted to share your dreamcatcher diy on my blog so I posted a photo of the finished piece and a link to your blog for all the steps. Hope that's okay, if not let me know & I'll take it down. You can see it here: http://viabellafashion.blogspot.ca/2012/03/dreamcatcher.html


KF said...

I tried this and still can't do it hahah, bu, practice makes perfect so I'm going to keep trying! ;)

rannie said...

you da cutest. i'm back. let's hang.

BuenoBueno said...

YAY!!! I am glad you guys liked at and thought it was easy to folllow.
Miss Teacups, I did say that. hahaha!

Raman- that is totally ok with me! THANK YOU!

KF- practice does make perfect!! Let me see!

Rannie- yes please! When?

Dena- Happy Belated Birthday!!!You and mak should practice on eachother!

Andrea- how short is your hair?

Rachel- i like fringe!

Mornings with Milo- Thank you! :) Glad you will try it.

Paislea Elyse said...

awesome tutorial. i am TERRIBLE at braids. i learned how to french braid just like 2 months ago and have been trying a few new things, but this looks rad. i will have to give it a go!

Tara said...

I think everyday I consider flying from Toronto to Texas just so that I can have someone incredible that understands my personal style give me a haircut. I mean, taking a vacation based on a fantastic haircut isn't that weird....right...?
Tara :)

Haley said...

when is hair considered "long enough" to do this? I keep trying and trying but it never seems long enough to really get it right... ugh!

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