06 March 2012


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While our dear Lon Lon was in town, we showed him the right way to create and package a Valentine. We've never seen a boy so giddy at the sewing machine before... yep, he fits right in with us dorks!

 "To my beautiful Valentine..."

Sorry about the lack of volume. (Brandi left the camera out in the rain....REMEMBER. SEE POST.)
Do you prefer handmade cards or store bought? Our family has always done handmade... our parents always look forward to our goofy/sappy handmade cards.


p.s. we aren't making fun of you Lon, we think you're sweet.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lonnie,

Will you please be my Merman?? Xoxo Gossip Guuurl

KT Barnes said...

Please transcribe that hot mush he wrote in the card. I'm DYINGGGGG. Plus, don't you think TX post offices are the slooooooowest on the planet???

BuenoBueno said...

To my Beautiful Valentine..... KT you will need to ask him. It might be private. My volume is busted:(

The first comment is OBVI Nora!