01 March 2012



We are making a lot of changes on the blog so if you could help us out that would be SUPER!
1.What do you like about Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno?
2. Do you like weekly features like: Around my Home, Make up Mondays, Fun Fact Fridays, Around Our Town, Sister Sister, Mucho Bueno Playlists. Or do you like more of the Random posts? We are working on some new weekly features:)
3. What time of day do you read blogs?
4. What do you want to see more of on Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno?
5. Where do you live? City/State.
6. Do you blog? Send us your link so we can check it out.
7. Name 3 of your favorite blogs.
8. What do you want to see on the next Make Up Monday?



Mary Ruth Gilliam said...

1. I love your funky sense of style! And y'all seem like real, down-to-earth ladies!
2. I love the "Around My Home" and "Sister Sister" posts, plus all the great hair tutorials and tips!
3. I read mostly during the early morning and late at night.
4. I'd love to see more hair and style tips! Plus pictures of your travels are always fun posts :)
5. I live in the Southwestern tip of Virginia.
6. I blog at mommaruthsays www.mommaruthsays.blogspot.com
7. (other than your blog) The Bloggess, Nicolette Mason, and You Are My Fave
8. I'd love to see some ways to refresh skin quick and help hide those "late night" bags that I get as an "up all night" kind of mom!

Love the blog!
-Mary Ruth

Jenn Girl said...

1) I like to see your styles and how you live your lives.
2) I like Sister sister and Around our Town
3) I read in the morning and at night. I'm a mom.
4) More home tours maybe??
5) I live Utah.
It mostly an art blog, with some family stuff thrown in
7) Besides you guys of course, I love Bleubird vintage, shwinn and shwinn and The artful Parent.
8) I have dark circles under my eyes (hereditary) and would love some tips on how to hide them.

Ashley Faye - ourbklyn.com said...

1. Your tone of voice, pictures + subtle silliness
2. I do, I like it all, really.
3. all day.. seri.
4. hmm - not sure.
5. Brooklyn, NY
6. I do. ourbklyn.com
7. That's nearly impossible, but currently: http://www.pennyweightonline.com/, http://somethingconcerning.blogspot.com/, http://blog.shopwiksten.com/

Ginger said...

1. I enjoy your blog because it's relatable. Your style is wearable, your tips are achievable and you both have great style. Plus you are honest, like Brandi posting about a slight weight gain, I about cried when I read it because I was facing the same at that moment.

2.I really like the weekly features. Favorites: Make up, Hair Tutorials, Playlists

3. I read first thing in the morning or after lunch.

4. I'm not really sure. I read your blog daily so I guess I like what I see

5. Omaha, NE

6. Yes. http://www.sequel-sequel.com/

7. Bleubird
Ascot Friday
Fancy Treehouse

8. I'm awful with eye make up. I need easy quick eye make up tutorials.

Angela said...

1.I like the personality behind the blog- its fun and chill
2. I'm not a huge fan of Make up Mondays (although Ginny Lee is so cute)- I love everything else especially playlists! I do like more random posts though
3. When i'm sippin my tea in the morning
4. What made me addicted was Brandi's hair tutorials on herself- so cute. I also love the exercise blogs. SOOO motivational and fun.
5. Chicago, IL

Rebecca.O said...

1. Your day to day adventures.
2. Love all your weekly features, most favorite is Around Our Town.
3. Morning/Lunch time reader.
4. More DIY/Hair Tutorials.
5. Houston, TX
6. http://www.behappyyoureloved.com/
7. BlueBirdVintage/Taza-and-Husband/ohhellofriendblog
8. How to keep natural and fresh.

val said...

1. I like that your sisters and friends! I love all your random posts but alson find myself craving the posts that are weekly.
2.I like makeup mondays when you guys do looks I have never seen before!
3.I read usually in the mornings.
4.I like posts on your adventures and videos! I also like makeup mondays and around our town.
5.I live in the suburbs outside of the twin cities in Minnesota.
6.Yes My blog Is http://allthingschula.com/
7. I follow way tooooo many that I love to pick a fav!
8.new ways to wear eyeshadow. or updates on old styles!

bonfire of my vanity said...

more hair posts! and more outfit posts. i like both your style a lot and i'd love to see more of your daily style, even more simple and casual looks.

comobluffdinosaurmuseum said...

1. A more appropriate question would be, what's not to love? I love seeing sisters making things together, unafraid to be themselves.
2. Around my Home and Sister Sister are my faves. Random posts like dance parties are pretty radical too!
3. I read blogs in the morning with my tea.
4. I'd like to see more pictures of trips you guys take to Austin...to visit me!!!
5. I live in Austin, Texas sistas
6. currently, no. more details to come :)
7. Favorite Blogs: MMBB, http://natalieoffduty.blogspot.com/, and http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/
oh, oh and ! http://www.trophyboutique.com/
8. I'd love to see a guide to rocking all the insane spring eyeshadow colors that I am too chicken to play with.

nicole said...

1. You girls seem like spitfires. I love your quirky personalities and your wild hair. My sister and I are super-close, so I relate to that sister-bond. It's somethin' fierce - as you know!
2. I like Around My Home. I still remember your guest room post - my favorite! So creative, fun and inviting. Sister Sister is great, too, obvs.
3. Mornings and late afternoons.
4. I would like to see more scenes from the salon chair! I love a good "before and after."
5. Little Rock, Arkansas.
6. Yes, I keep a personal blog, here, and I contribute to a local music/entertainment blog here.
7. A Cup of Jo (so sweet); DesignLoveFest (so colorful); East Side Bride (so snarky).
8. I don't wear a lot of makeup... but I'm always on the hunt for good skincare products, like masks, creams, etc. I guess I'm kinda curious about mineral makeup, but let's face it (ha, FACE it), I'm just gonna buy cheap makeup at Target anyway. But of course I'll still read your makeup tips! xo.

marina said...

1. I like it in general quite, but especially this Bohemian spirit that impregnates the whole blog:)

2. If that I like

3. Basically when I have time in the day, but normally it is in the habit of being at the moment of eating or in the night

4. i would like to see domestic recipes and as furniture or things are able to make for the house

5. I live in madrid, españa

6. If, in fact I have begun a blog with my boyfriend like that that if you take a look be patience seeing it because we have begun it does little and still many things are absent for improving and to do http: // marinnbenn.blogspot.com/

7. Apart from your blog: http: // www.selectivepotential.com/http: //www.helloitsvalentine.com/http: // www.essiebutton.com/

8. some type of smoked to go to the work

Paislea Elyse said...

1. i love the fact that mmbb is real. it's not this fake 'my life is perfect' blog. or 'i'm better than everyone else' blog. i love that both of you ladies are laid back with great style, fun ideas and awesome personalities.
2. I love your weekly features! I have to say that my favorites are your playlists (cause i love to find new songs to listen to) but i have to say that i like your random posts, too. i like to see what you gals are up to and what new, fun adventures you're up to.
3. i am at work by 7am MST and that's when i start!
4. more diy's!
5. orem/ut
6. i do: allisterbee.blogspot.com
7. rouvajonesinkotona.blogspot.com | inhonorofdesign.blogspot.com | timeoftheaquarius.com
8. oooh - that's a hard one for me cause i don't do make up. ha. sorry i can't help out there!

Heidi said...

1) Y'all are hilarious! It's very refreshing to see Bueno Bueno in my google reader mixed in with tons of fashion posts, mommy posts, inspiration posts, etc. You are much easier to relate to and quite entertaining.

2) I like Fun Fact Fridays and sister sister, as well as the random posts.

3) Usually in the evenings after work and class

4) Whatever you give me!

5) Monmouth, Oregon (originally from Crow, Oregon, outside of Eugene)

6) Yep! You've actually commented on my blog before, but I'm horrible at responding. I blog at bartlebeesbumblings.blogspot.com

7) MMBB, Life @ 1521, and Busy Bee Lauren

8) I've never really been very good at picking a foundation color - I'm SUPER pale and it's hard to find any shade that doesn't make me orange.

This comment has been removed by the author.

1. I like that your style is quite hippie and a bit rock n' roll.
2. I ADORE your weekly posts. And to be honest also random posts, but I think weekly aimed ones are the best ones.
3. Aprox. 40 min every day. on weekends maybe 1 - 2 hours.
4. Personal lifestyle descriptions with style photos etc.
5. London, United Kingdom.
6. I am blogging since October, 2011 http://windblueberries.blogspot.com/
7. http://bleubirdvintage.typepad.com/blog/
8. Happy things:)

ezzi said...

1. i like looking a pictures...y'all are so goofy. i also like seeing places around town that ive never been to and/or places i want to revisit.
2. i like your weekly features as well as random posts...no complaints
3. i usually work my way through my blog roll in the morning, but i refresh it in the afternoon to see if there is anything new
4. gosh i dunno...maybe more make-up/hair/fashion tutorials.
5. i live in houston,tx (galleria area)
6. i blog...on a semi regular basis. www.ezzi-ink.blogspot.com
7. favorites are hard to pick. other than yours id have to say bleubird(james), dainty squid(kaylah), Cat vs. Human (really funny cat/humar comics)
8. on the next make-up monday id like to see maybe...a good spring/summer everyday look or possibly good make-up on the cheap

<3 erin

kendra said...

1.I love all of it! I feel like ya'll are good friends now. It's fresh and creative, without all the craftiness. i love hair/make-up DIYs, the home tours...all of it

2. Both!!! I love the random posts, but look forward to weekly features

3.normally in the morning

4. HAIR! I love the tips. Even basic ones. Those are actually my favorite

5. Charlotte NC

6. I do blog. kendrasands.blogspot.com and dontbethatguy101.tumblr.com

7. bleubird (duh) http://www.andrewandcarissa.com/

8. make up, i think more basic tips for everyday, and cheap product selections

KT Barnes said...

1. Everything. Seriously. Mostly pictures of y’alls luxurious locks.
2. Random posts. Dislike Fun Fact Friday (no offense…)
3. Approoooooximately 3 pm PST
4. Mo’ shit in yo shop!
5. Body: Seattle, WA. Heart: Texas.
6. Oh…you know where to find me.
7. Besides y’all…Bluebird Vintage, In The Gloss & Spell & the Gypsy Collective
8. Product recommendations!

Miss Alesund said...

1. I love your style, and your funny videos! It's a pitty I live so far, you're cool girls!
2. I like it all, go on!
3.I read it in the evening
4. More videos, more hair tutorials and anything you want to share with us
5. Barcelona (Spain)
6. I have a blog with my best friend: normalsoup.blogspot.com. (Perdon por nuestro ingles)
7. Skunkboy Creatures, Sometimes Sweet and Food Coma (and yours, of course)
8. I'm more interested in hair tips

Nora said...

I like your shoes.

Dashfield Vintage said...

1.I love the photos most of all. It always looks like the sun is shinning and life is a whole lot of fun!
2. I do like some weekly features, I'm pretty much always obsessed with anything to do with interiors, oh and around town is cool too!
3. Almost always in the morning while I'm eating breakfast and drinking vast amounts of coffee.
4. To be honest I have only just started reading your blog on a regular basis (not sure why it took me so long!) but there isn't much I would change. I guess the more personal ones are always interesting, but that's just because we're nosy!
5. Auckland, New Zealand
6. www.dashfieldvintage.blogspot.com
7. Oh tough one, ummmm...



Juliette said...

1.Always full of good vibes

2. I like weekly features! But i love your random goofy posts

3. Anytime

4. Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno²

5. Paris, France

6. http://cansouplover.blogspot.com

7. Honnestly WTF, Eleonor Bridge & Modge

8. How to do a very natural/nude makeup!

You girls rock ;)

US said...

1.What do you like about Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno? Your no fuss appraoch to blogging. You have your own unique style that I love!
2. Do you like weekly features like: Around my Home, Make up Mondays, Fun Fact Fridays, Around Our Town, Sister Sister, Mucho Bueno Playlists. Or do you like more of the Random posts? I like the consistency of having the weekly features!
3. What time of day do you read blogs? different times each day
4. What do you want to see more of on Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno? more style how-to's and tutorials!
5. Where do you live? Vancouver, WA
6. Do you blog? www.noodlesister.blogspot.com
7. Name 3 of your favorite blogs
the pink peonies
the girl most likely
lexi larsen
8. What do you want to see on the next Make Up Monday? a tutorial please! maybe a daily routine?

thanks girls!

Marian said...

1.I like how you both are, and your lives seem so much fun and love reading about it!
2. I like features but also random posts because when you do a feature almost everyday i get bored.
3. Mornings and nights
4. Vlogs and DIY
5. Where do you live? Basque Country, SPAIN
6. Do you blog? it's in Spanish!
7. Name 3 of your favorite blogs:
8. What do you want to see on the next Make Up Monday? how to achieve a natural glow in the skin

Anonymous said...

1. I like your style and sillyness
2. I love makeup mondays and fun fact fridays but also posts about actal life happenings
3. Usually after work so like after six at night
4. I would love more hair tutorials and maybe some style tips
5. ummm neither city nor state but internationally in New Zealand
6. I don't blog but will soon!
7. This Time Tomorrow,
The Daybook and Delightfully Tacky
8. I would love to know how to do flawless foundation.

Megan Leslianne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veronica said...

2.Around my Home, Make up Mondays, Around Our Town, Sister Sister.
3. In the evenings,after work.
4. Hair tutes!
5. Pasadena, TX
6. I do not.
7. MMBB, marmunia...?
8. Anything, I love it all!

nancy said...

1.I love your sense of style, your upbeat attitude, and your slices of life-type posts with photos of parties and things :)
2. I think I prefer the random ones... but it's all goooooood!
3. I don't know if I count, as I live in Australia. usually mornings though.
4. well, if I'm being really greedy, let's say food!
5. Adelaide - capital city of South Australia.
6. I do! http://stationary-stationery.blogspot.com.au/
7. Everyday Musings is probably my favourite... I love food and photography blogs.
8. I don't wear make up, so I can't help you here. Sorry!

Jamey said...

(1) Thant I get to see different things from the both of you! My favorite Blog to date, one day i started all the way back to the beginning of the blog and enjoyed reading it all!
(2) Sister Sister & Around Our Town! Makes me want to come to Houston more.
(3) Evening
(4) Videos
(5) Lewisville, TX
(6) I try but i'm more interesting in the moment. Plus my page needs help
(7) Bluebird Vintage, Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno, and I Love You To The Moon
(8) I don't know maybe a Natural eyeshadow look

Maci said...

1. I love how down to earth you guys seems and your general love and appreciation of life
2. I just started reading your blog but I honestly really enjoy reading everything so far
3. Early morning or late at night
4. Perhaps some posts on clothing (you ave great style) makeup, what you carry in your bags
5. I live in Ontario, Canada
6. I read Bluebird, Treasures and Travels, and Rockstar diaries

Anonymous said...

1. i love your style! and beauty/hair posts! and DIY things! and personal posts!
2. YEEESS YES YES to Around my Home, Make up Mondays, Around Our Town, Mucho Bueno Playlists. yes. i don't care for Fun Fact Fridays.
3. sporadically but often the morning or late night
5. i live in harpers ferry, west virginia but go to school in baltimore, md.
7. ohdeardrea, bleubirdvintage, and bueno!
8. eyebrows. eyebrows. eyebrows. also dealing with acne would be cool

Anonymous said...

1.I like that y'all live in Houston and highlight the local business around the area. I also like that y'all blog your travels.
2. I love all the posts. Features and random. I like friday morning post, FFF too because it's something different and silly.
3. I read at night in bed on my laptop.
4. I just want to see more.
5. Houston, TX! let's be friends
6. I don't blog... I don't have mucho to say, but I love to look/read blogs.
7. ONLY 3??? Well, your at the top of the list
8. how to hide uneven skin tones

(ps haters, they asked what your like, not dislike.)

-Katie Lee

Carlyn said...

Hi Girlies!
1. I love how you guys share the blog and let both of your personalities show through and I love the overall vibe, you guys are so positive and fun with great style!

2.I really do like all of the weekly features but my faves are probably Around Our Town, Sister Sister and Around my Home.

3.I usually read blogs at night

4. I would love to see more posts about your adventures and travels and I can never have too many style/outfit posts

5.I live in Ladner B.C Canada (just outside Vancouver)

6.I don't blog yet, just working my way up by starting out with a tumblr account :)

7.you guys are my number one fave blog for sure (Brandi, my friend thinks you and I are the same person personality, style and voice wise) but I also love...


8.maybe some tricks and tips for long wearing make up for hot weather or dance parties.

keep up the good work! you guys never fail to inspire me and remind me to live creatively

Cat said...

1. It's such a fun read. I
really look forward to reading
each new post.
2. I love all of the weekly
features but I really love
Around My Home, Sister Sister,
Around Our Town and the
3. Usually late at night.
4. Maybe more home tours.
5. San Antonio, Texas
6. Do not blog. Want to but don't
know when I'll start.
7. Just three? Other than this one
Bleubird Vintage, Cup of Jo,
Urban Casita

Amber said...

1. I love your fresh style of clothes and home decor!!!
2. My favorite posts are: Around my home and city (I LOVE Texas!!), makeup tips, and random posts.
3. I typically read blogs mid morning or late in the evening.
4. Maybe some more home decor ideas or diy's?
5. I live in Kansas City, MO
6. My blog is: www.avocado-owlet.blogspot.com
7. My favorite blogs besides yours are: Smile and Wave, SouleMamma, and Stumpets Crumpets.
8. Make Up monday tip suggestion?? Ummm...maybe tips on liquid eyeliner looks!
Thanks so much for such a fresh and beautiful blog! It is seriously one that I go to first to read when I start my daily blog reading!!

TheDaintyDish.tumblr.com said...

1.Hair tutorials, videos you make with music about you and your friends adventures, diys, home tours
2. Around my Home, Around Our Town, Sister Sister, and Mucho Bueno Playlists.
3. Whenever I have the time. Usually 3x a week or when I see a Tweet about a new post
4. More adventure and day to day stuff
5. Denver, Colorado
6. Just resigned from www.thedaintydish.com and releasing my new, personal blog SHINE ON next month
7. Bohemian Musings, Moon to Moon, & Bubby and Bean
8. Hair posts are much more up my alley

BuenoBueno said...

Thank You everyone who took the time to answer all the questions. This has been a big help. As for the Fun Fact Fridays they are here to stay. We will do two posts on fridays so there will be something for everyone. And We will be visiting your blogs starting Now.! :) we didn't even know that some of you read our blog so it was great to here your feedback. xo

peacock social said...

1. i love your easy going style and random post. i also love that it's not too theme-y.
2. i like the around our town posts and brandi's hair posts, also love your videos. would love to see more of your day to day life and more videos!
3. mostly in the afternoon.
4. i would love to see some of kelly's design work. i just watched kelly's video on her upcoming project and got so inspired.
5. i live in long beach, california.
6. i've been blogging for about two years now. here is my blog: http://peacocksocial.blogspot.com/
7. bleubird vintage, hannah and landon (so lovely!), advanced style.
8. the ultimate 70s make up look.

panchoandleftey said...

1.I like how ya’ll are real people. Your photos/poses don’t look forced or faked, they look like you’re just out having fun and happened to catch a perfect photo. Also love all the posts relating to your dance moves, so many bloggers are either boring or afraid of looking weird – not the case with you girls
2.Favorite weekly features: around my home, make up Mondays, sister sister, around our town (I’ve actually gone into shops I wouldn’t have originally gone into thanks to your posts) + all the random posts
3. In the morning before class, 9 am
4. More random photos, perhaps in a “shot and hour” type of post
7. 3 favorite blogs:
8. a review of different types of mascara/eye liner, I’m scared to buy a new brand for fear of not liking it and wasting money


Amy said...

1. Everything!
2. Around my home is my fave.
3. When I get a little break here and there, no rhyme or reason.
4. I love it just the way it is!
5. Kansas City, MO!
6. www.greeneggnshamm.blogspot.com
7. I read so many...yours, bleubird, Lune, Moorea seal. I can't count.

Helena said...

1. I like your amazing sense of style and how you guys are so real and down to earth
2. my favorite feature is around my home and sister sister. I can't play the songs in the mucho bueno playlist cause I'm from Belgium so that kind of sucks
3. usually in the weekend
4. more of the usual!
5. Leuven in Belgium
6. nope
7. this one (duh), vilde kaniner, verbal vomit
8. maybe some tips on natural make up? I'm not the kind of girl to cover myself fully in make up so...

keep it up guys, I love your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

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