13 March 2012






Kelly showed up at the salon and we just laughed because our outfits are often similar. I guess we were both in a colorful mood. Rannie also had some time to kill before heading to an art exhibit so she popped by for a visit, I love when she wears her palm tree shoes!

 I am a fan of mixing patterns and not following any dumb fashion rules that go against it. Right?! Just wear what makes you happy. When I dress myself in the morning my first thoughts are, "Will this be comfortable? Will I have to keep pulling up my shirt to cover cleavage? Eww. Will I have to keep pulling up my pants over Muffin Top?" Come one lets be honest most of you know what I am talking about:)

What are some things that go through your head when you are getting dressed for the day?
Any rules you go by?


Paislea Elyse said...

hahahahahhahaha - love. this. post.

i totally just woke up this morning and put on a gray/blue shirt. green undershirt and black leggings with my moccasins. it's not as crazy and colorful as yours, but definitely comfy.

when i get dressed in the morning, the only thing i think about is 'will this embarrass my fiance'? hahaha. he is a little more conservative in dress and likes to match. he'll often tell me 'uhmmm... your shoes don't match,' etc. but i go for comfy. i mean, who am i trying to impress?!

drop by allister bee soon!

sherri said...

So funny! Love the style and your blog...it's always a party here. You guys are so fun! I guess I just wear what I feel good in and I base my outfit a lot around my shoes.


ohsonoko said...

Your post are like a party! Love the outfits. Wearing things that make me haPpy are top priority.

beca said...

you two are so awesome! Best. style. ever!

Britta said...

Muffin top coverage is essential.

Layla said...

6 days out of 7 I wear the same gross jeans that I wash once a week. :) I don't have any rules other than, does it smell? Is there something gross on it? Does it cover all of the goods? :P

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

YES! i love these outfits and i love your style! i tried on some blue pants like kelly's twice but they didn't fit (boo) and i LOVE them! as far as mixing patterns go, i think everything looks good mixed together, and if anyone says there are rules for it, they're wrong!

panchoandleftey said...

wowie zowie i LOVE how crazy you guys are.
i like to wear different pieces in my wardrobe until they're officially dirty. for example, i've been wearing my favorite American Eagle (which i thrifted brand new for $11 thank you very much) on and off for weeks. i think washing jeans too much wears them out too quickly. as for tops, i like basic t-shirts and tank tops layered with patterned cardigans because i often get chilly inside.


bonfire of my vanity said...

yay! outfits! i love these. both of them. brandie, i love how you are always a littel bit tomboy, and kellie, i love the necklaces and the color of that sweater. very cute. and goddamn you both with the perfect hair. *shakes fits in your general direction*

BuenoBueno said...

haha, y'all are a fun bunch of females! Thanks for all the fun feedback. My personal rules for getting dressed... Is it clean? Is it appropriate (work/out/home/etc...)? Does it make me look like a busted can of biscuits? Do I love it?

Have a good day ladies. I really enjoying hearing back from y'all.


miss teacups. said...

Colour can be scary but I'm definitely trying...it will be easier come summer as well!