03 April 2012


Yesterday Micah, Ginny, Kelly and I teamed up for a shoot. Micah had the hook up of a white horse, we had a pretty friend and we were ready to go! Here our some of the behind the scene shots from our camera. Can't wait to see the real ones from Micah Bickham.

Micah- Photographer
Ginny- Make up
Brandi- Hair and Wardrobe
Kelly- Style & Design
Ginny Lee working her magic!
It was pouring down rain but we made the decision to just go with it.
Kelly adding some gold glitter. She is so good at the details!
Saving Boots from the rain!
Kelly dropped all my Gold! I was so sad.
It was so much fun doing different looks with Jaclyns hair.


Thank God for bobbypins!

Becky the owner of the horse was a big help and we will def be going back for riding lessons!

some of my Instagrams from Yesterday... (LisenbeSquared)
Can you tell how many Fishtails are in?
Omg Lacy (The horse) was a little nervous and fidgety and Jaclyn was a pro! We totally thought she would fall off but no! She worked that horse like nobodies business! Hahaha we were cracking up most of the shoot. We just couldn't believe how she was staying on even if her hands were up in a pose and the horse moving all around.
Thanks Lonnie Webb for leaving us your flag:) and Happy Birthday! We Love You!


Mandi said...

This looks seriously incredible. Can't wait to see more!

vania francesca said...

I want the white horse hook up! thats awesome look forward to see the photos :)

miss teacups. said...

Holy moly, these photos are nothing short of amazing!! I want everyone's hair in these haha

John Korey said...

Of course Kelly dropped it ;-)

rannie said...


Lindsey said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Love the hair, the make-up, the clothes, everything! Great job!