23 April 2012


Scan 38

Scan 40

Let me just say WOW! I really couldn't spell, not that I can now but Thank God for the magical red dotted line that appears under a word when you misspell.
1. What's a Flimingo? Oh a Flamingo, I still like them but I'm obsessed with my cat Bootsie.
2. Charlotte's Webb? Really? Talk about depressing. I probably just put that because we were reading it in class....suck up.
3. I remember saving my allowance and loving to shop at the purple store in the Galleria.
4. Um, I remember cutting all my Barbies hair and making her makeout with everyone!
5. That is suppose to be Allowance.... and I still like making the $$$
6.  Howie? Oh Hawaii...Only my favorite place on earth! But back then I had never been. First time was on my Honeymoon.
8. TACO MANIAC! I really think I have a problem.
9. It's funny that I wrote this because once I got to Junior high and High school age the thought of doing hair was the worst idea ever. Looks like I was smarter as a child. Stick to your first plan? Who knew I would be a salon owner one day.


CaL said...


You're da cutest! Haha! Best citizen, eva!

panchoandleftey said...

what a cute CUTE idea. totally stealing it. and love how you admitted to making your barbie's make out with all the others. i'd do the same and then stuff cotton balls under her shirt and pretend she was pregnant !

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

hahaha, i didn't even realize you were trying to say allowance, because i had no idea what that word meant! good thing you did an updated one! so funny!

Lauren Covington said...

yes to tacos.

and the purple store!!! it was under a staircase??

and how about that gross purple carbon-y paper. kids these days have don't even know.

Weronika said...

This is awesome, I wanna live in Hawaii & travel all the time too!!

Lindsey said...

Love this!