17 April 2012

OMG I HEART: Shenae Grimes Style

Photos from: Google Images, Just Jared

Where you have seen her: 90210 
Why she stands out: Her badass hair and spunky-ness.
I love the outfits she throws on when she is out and about.
Her Trademark is her beauty mark below her right brow.
We just pretty much love all things Shenae!
Have you seen the recent spread in Nylon Mag? You should check it out! 


grrfeisty said...

i used to love her on degrassi! but not so much her character :)
you're right, though - awesome hair!

Little Tree Vintage said...

oh geez me too, makes me wanna change right now into something cuter!

miss teacups. said...

she is super pretty and teeny tiny! awesome style. she always looks super comfy but still cute. but girl, put down your phone!

Haley said...

gosh darn i love her. especially her Degrassi days!
i'm pretty sure she looks better when she's just out and about than she does when she's all done up for the red carpet!

Justina F. Lee said...

One word. Versatile!

Anonymous said...

you guys already have her style. she just weighs 60 lbs.

Tish said...

Aaah! I had to pin so many of these to my style pinboard (Pinterest) (Have I said "pin" enough?)
Totally my style.
Except the sweatpants. Sweatpants are not for public.

Mary Ellen Skye said...

Yep she has good style for sure! she does it all so well!

DO OR DYE TX said...

She is teeny Tiny, and I like that she is always at the gym!
Grrrr Roxy- should I start watching it?

Little Tree Vtg- I'm sure you are in something cute already!

Hahaha Miss Teacups you are so funny!
"but girl, put down your phone!"

Haley- Yes I totally like her casual look, but I like the comfy look!

Justina F Lee- I love your name. WHat is the F for?

Tish- Oh good! I am glad you got to pinning! so addicting right?

Mary Ellen Skye- she does! effortless!

BuenoBueno said...

oops that last comment was from us

Rachel - Firebird said...

Too cute. I love all these looks so much. But it is just too blinking cold and wet here to pull them off *shakes fist at the British climate*

sarah said...

the peace sign tank top outfit pretty much makes you kindred spirits, i'd say.

Rachel said...

Hottie! I would switch teams for her ;) lol. Or maybe just steal her style. I love how she rocks the sweatpants. Thanks for the hair inspiration!

Rachel said...

thought you might appreciate this (Shenae Grimes Dances to Footloose in Her Bedroom):


Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katymauk said...

Bb- would love to find out how to buy Kevin Murphy products!! Thanks :)

- katymauk@gmail.com

lia said...

man. i had only seen her style before on gofugyourself so, of course, all those outfits were terrible and i never realized that her style (in ALL of these pictures, for example) is realllly good. nice post.


Dana Rey said...

I would kill for those toned arms. She's totally rocking that sleeveless shirt and ripped jeans. I love you!

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