25 June 2012


 We made a new friend before ziplining. Pam was in Costa Rica for her friends wedding and no one else wanted to go on an excursion so she went solo...that makes her pretty bad ass in my book. 
 Hello! I feel small in this place!

Upside down! I ziplined upside down too:)

warming up the mud for our bods 
 Mike and Cristen are some friends we made at our resort and they are the cutest!
 Gustavo still painting me...UM...

 I had been craving a hot tub all week!

I want this little seat in my backyard. 
The cows and dogs owned the streets in Costa Rica. 

Private vans are way better than a huge Bus packed with people.

 Safety First
 I am so stimulated...

 Always have a camera on hand.

 flattering crotch shot!

All I have to say is get the Mega Combo excursion if you are ever in Costa Rica! We didn't book through the hotel because they spilt this package into 2 different combos at $160 each instead of combining it.

We booked ours with the guys down on the beach (at our resort) paid $160 a person and it included: private van and tour guide, zipline, rock climbing, repelling, tarzan swing (yes I slammed into a wall), delicious lunch, tubing, horse back ride, mud bath, and hot springs. Our tour guide Gustavo was amazing! He was always keeping us on time and watched over our belongings while we were off on adventures. The same company took us Surfing in Tamarindo so we knew we were in good hands.

*We were careful, they were not just randoms. They had business cards, business van, and we had another couple come with us. Always be aware and trust your gut when traveling.


Virginia said...

These photos are so great! I am convinced I need to go to Costa Rica now :) I've always wanted to try surfing and ziplining through the forest... you guys are so badass. So I know you ladies went for a fun adventure, but did you come across any volunteer opportunities? I would love love love to do some volunteer work and then hit up some of these amazing excursions!

Looks like you had a blast- too bad it's back to reality now, eh? BTW, I totally understand the weeping as you leave a new country/place, it always happens to me :)

Much love, Virginia

Ellebeth said...

Wow. I am so going here! This trip looks like it was amazing! Do you remember the name of the tour group you guys used?

Amanda said...

By the pictures alone you can tell you had a great time! Makes me want to go. My ex was Costa Rican and would tell me how beautiful it us but these pictures REALLY make me want to go!

BuenoBueno said...

Virginia- yeah this trip was just a fun trip with the girls and we did not do any volunteer work. I do have a passion for that though. I really would like to do more volunteer work back at home for sure. Thats's awesome that you have a heart for that!

Ellebeth- Yes I will get that info from Liz. We took a card.


Keisha Ames said...

My boyfriend and I are heading to Costa Rica and staying at the Hilton Papagayo at the end of the month. How did you like the resort? How are the rooms...I read some comments on Trip Advisor about the rooms being old and having mold :-/.

Your pics are great! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful trip :-)

BuenoBueno said...

Keisha- We had no problems with our room! It was awesome!! Just keep your doors closed because of the flying Ants and bugs:) The AC was awesome! NO MOLD:) I feel like some people make a habit and are never happy. To tell you the truth we only showered and slept in our rooms. We were outside the whole time:) I hope you get a good room! OH ASK FOR ROOM #125 or any of the rooms closest to Pool.