19 June 2012


You might be wondering why I am starting my Costa Rica posts on day 4. Well this is because at first I was only going to bring disposable cameras (regular and underwater) and one borrowed underwater video camera (thanks Brandy Chu). Well last minute I changed my mind and cleared off 2 memory cards for my Ol' Faithful G-11, but I forgot to grab them! DOH! I had my camera with no cards, NO!!!!!!! The Hotel gift shop didn't have any either so I just used my disposables until day 4.

Day 4 went went something like this:
-woke up at 6:30 am, this was hard since we stayed up all night dancing (this was the first night we jumped in the pool with our clothes on).
-grabbed breakfast
-headed to Tamarindo to go surfing at Iguana Surf School with David (he was awesome)



















_WR_3622 We had no idea that there was a professional photographer on the beach shooting us. Photography by: Fabian Sanchez


ezzi said...

AWESOME!!! way to go Brandi...so jealous.

BuenoBueno said...

Thanks Erin! It was so awesome!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

How cool. I really want to learn to surf. When we went it would have been a bad time to learn. End of the rain season and the beaches were packed with surfers. This looks like a great time though. AWESOME that someone was shooting for you though!

Megan Leslianne said...

That second to last photo of your mate is STUNNING. Such natural beauty caught there.

BuenoBueno said...

Megan- agreed she has an awesome Blog called adventures with veggies:) check it out

vania francesca said...

nice! great surf shots

CaL said...

Those waves are perfect! Ugh, I want that water in Cali! Brandi, you're amazing. =)