19 June 2012

COSTA RICA: Tamarindo on film

These were from our day in Tamarindo, except for the photo of the beautiful church. I forgot where Gustavo drove us. He took us to a smaller town where he grew up so we could go to the Market, explore, and shop for a memory cards and other little things for a good price.

Example: Liz bought sunscreen, chapstick, and contact solution at the hotel gift shop and it was $54 dollars. WOAH!

1. David, Ashley, Me, & Liz
2 -15. Surfing!
16. Beautiful church in a small town.
17. We wanted a typical meal in Costa Rica and that is what we got. Delish!
18 & 19. Tamarindo Beach
20. Liz, Ashley, & Me
21. Liz, Mr. Coconut man, & Me

We all want to go back! Like Now!


Shewearscrazywell said...

You all are soooo freaking cute and awesome! I love that your all so pretty and strong, its not a sport everyone can do that surfing. :) I would love to surf but I have no talent for it and a bad spine that makes falling something that could make me have to learn how to walk...well...learn how to walk again! So...next best thing...watching you sweeties surf and have a blast! Sending you lots of love....Hearts, Janna Lynn

BuenoBueno said...

Janna you are too sweet! Thank You so much for those uplifting words. It always is a great boost!
You are beautiful! xo

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

SO fun. You make me miss Costa Rica. I stayed in Tamarindo when I went and it was great. I was disappointed that the water wasnt crystal blue when I went (I had not done research but instead hopped on a flight with some friends and made the most of it). I had a blast. I want to go back SO bad!

The Sunshine District said...

Fun! My husband and I lived in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica for three months. Best time of our lives!!
xo Jac

rannie said...

looks so awesome!! welcome back :)

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