03 July 2012


In May, Nora, Zeyk and I took the leap and moved in together. We found a cute apartment (one of twelve in our tiny complex) in the Montrose area. I'm now two blocks from work, two blocks from Black Hole, and a few houses down from Brandi, Jacob and Bootsie! It's perfect for two crazies and a dog. 

This table was used and abused. My Uncle Greg took it while it was still Brandi's and repaired/rescued it. I absolutely love it and how it works with the geometric wall hangings Nora put up.

Wall hangings: Nora put these up one evening all in one go. That's how we discovered out upstairs neighbors have a baby and are not too forgiving.

everything else...


Nora and I went through a bunch of spray paint. That and we love color, can you tell?






My room is a collection of things handed down to me through friends, family, and junk stores across TX. I think the only thing bought for my room during this move was my bedspread. I was okay with the one I had, but after my mom bought this shaggy spread, I can imagine my room without it. 

photo 1: a collection of feathers, photos of John Korey, thrifted wall art, wall initial from brandi several years ago, and a recorder that I got for christmas a long time ago. Yes, I take it out to annoy folks.

photo 2: I love the way dressers look, but I hate the way they function. If I can see something, I forget about it, so I had to put out a clothing rack for my dresses and pants. Plus my closet was made over 50 years ago and can only store so much... I've tried to keep it color coded so it looks tidy, but who the heck has time to keep that up! Not this lady.

photo 3 (left): This is my favorite corner in my room. My window unit, record player, tiny record collection and my uke live in this corner. I'm currently working on the curtains. I completely underestimated the amount of time it would take to complete these. If I'm not reading before bed, I'm listening to tunes and working on these suckers. I can't wait to have the other two finished! My room will finally feel complete.

photo 4 (right): Necklace collection. One of the downfalls of not liking jewelry is there is no where to put accessories. For now, my books will have to work.

photo 5: Zeyk and his bed typically live by my green mirror. Oh how I love cleaning dog hair off that mirror everyday... but I really do love having him by my side every second that I'm not at work.

photo 6 (left): Nora was going to throw out this giant white frame when we were moving in and I said no way jose! I like the look of having a solid neutral wall right up again a wall with every color on it. The lamp was a gift from brandi that she got from Andrew Modern in Richmond TX. 

photo 7 (right): wall art. floral mirror, floral needle work, and feather panel given to me by brandi over time, the silver whale was from a stencil print day I had with my friend Mamavette, dream catcher from Kassi, and panel art by Dolan Geiman. Remember when I went to Bayou City Art Festival and met Ali and Dolan?

Due to Brandi's sad face, I added our books... I don't have the budget for shelves, so I have half most of my books in my car still. I know that's terrible, but there's no storage in our tiny home. The books I do have are in the kitchen, the living room and stacked in my bedroom. If you read the spines, you'll think I'm cray cray. It's a mix of books I just adopted from my grandparents (one even has school notes in it!),   left over dance books from college that were too good to part with, a few of my favorite children's books, anatomy books, books I read in high school, and a few journals on the far left. In my car is a mix of design, clip art, poster, and illustration books.

 I'm currently trying to get back into reading (and actually finishing a book) and I've started re reading The Great Gatsby. Are you reading anything these days?




Nora's room is everything a bedroom should be. You walk in and it's cool, dark, relaxing and filled with wonderful treasures. The top of dresser is filled with neatly placed accessories, shoes line the foot of her bed, hats and bags along the walls, and a bed fit for a king. I swear, I would never get anything done if I had a bed link hers. If you've met Nora, I don't even have to mention how brilliant her closet is...


Thanks for stopping by!


Nora said...

Whoever lives here must be awesom! Haha

CaL said...

PERFECTION! That chandelier is to DIE for! Zeyk has such great style. ;)

Layla said...

Clever use of Christmas ornaments! I never would have thought of that.

grrfeisty said...

i love all the white! and y'all are so creative. :)

MissAlyssaDawn said...

What an inspiring living space... I want to go home right now and clean and organize and get crafty and beautify my house! LoL

rannie said...


Julie @ Velvet and Shag Vintage said...

So pretty! Nice work, Ladies!

nicole said...

What a magical place! I am still absorbing all of its awesomeness. I love all of the bright, happy, fun colors! You mean to tell me... home decor can be KOOKY and UNCONVENTIONAL?! I feel liberated by this newfound knowledge!!! Thanks for the inspiration! xo.

GR8itsJONATE said...

Looks great! Kelly, what happened to the other windows in your room? Are you still going to do the fabric strip treatment? And more importantly, does it still smell like organic pesticide? HAHAHA!

Kassi said...

duuuuuuude, I love it all - so fun and eclectic!! you girls did great. I want to see it in person!

Miss Judy Dark said...

I LOVE what you did with the light fixture in the dining room. Any way we can get a tutorial or some tips on that? I love the way the orbs glow!


BuenoBueno said...

i wish you would of shown all your books!

BuenoBueno said...

Nora, you said it!

Cal, You know, I thought it was time to let the world see what a great decorator he is.

Layla, Nora put together that fixture. She has a brilliant mind for recycling materials.

grrfeisty, thanks lady!

MissAlyssaDawn, Homes are always a lot of work, but it's fun work and I love decorating without a permanent commitment.

Rannie + Julie - Thank you!

Nicole - we are so glad we could share something a little different with you! We hope it helps spark something!

Jo - HEY MAN! haha. I'm getting to those curtains. I just finished the first one. It takes forever to achieve fullness. I'm getting there. No more organic pesticide. I just need to bomb it real good.

Kassi - COME OVER! Next time you are in the houston area, call or text. I'd love to have you over!

Miss Judy - thanks! I think we can work out a fixture tute. Check back with us ;)

Brandi - done. I added some :)


Marley said...

Beautiful! You two both have such a unique sense of style.

This is completely unrelated however could you guys direct towards posts you have done about packing? You guys pack things I would never think to and I could really use some help atm!

panchoandleftey said...

OH MY GOSH. this is such an inspiring post and WOW i hope me next bedroom looks even just a fraction as cool as ya'lls. can't wait to see how the apt. evolves over time, please oh please keep us updated.

BuenoBueno said...

Marley what kind of vacation?

Punky said...

omg! How did you get those metal flower things from Free People? Im obsessed with those!!

Marley said...

I'm going on a Scandinavian adventure however I remember a post that you did ages ago about what you guys packed for the plan. Sorry if I seem like a weirdo for remembering that!

BuenoBueno said...

MARLEY maybe here. you are not a weirdo! Good memory! http://muchomuchobuenobueno.blogspot.com/2010/03/travel-light-going-to-new-york-any.html
or maybe I need to do another updated post of when I pack.
reading material (book and magazines)
notebook/sharpies to doodle
face wipes (long trips)

Martina said...

very inspiring, following you!!

PiperLee said...

LOVE what you guys have done! So fun! Where did those wall hangings in the living room come from?

Britta said...

This makes me so happy. Girls, your apartment is gorgeous. I love your dining area. I'm sure Prince Zeykers is ecstatic.

Jordan Stratton said...

Kelly, I absolutely love EVERYTHING about your new home. Such an inspiration. Do you know where your Mom got your bedspread?I love it!

BuenoBueno said...

Thanks everyone!

Piperlee - The wall hangings are from Free People

Jordan Stratton - The bed spread is from Home Goods or Marshalls or something like that.

Anonymous said...


Sayda Ferrero said...

I love your house! It's beautiful...
from now i'm following you


Jordan Stratton said...

Thanks Kelly! Would you also happen to know where you got your necklace holder? I need something simple like that!

christine said...

I love the light in the bedroom. It is very relaxing.

Anonymous said...

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Jordan Stratton said...

Love this space! Where did y'all get the American flags used in the living room and Nora's room? I neeeeeed it