11 July 2012

Traveling With Friends Is Good For The Soul







kona and feathers

orange kisses.




i got one. now i need some lime.



trampoline fun.

honors stand



kona coffee



beach 69


nap time.



last day in hawaii.

My best advice when planning a trip with friends... Travel with like minded people. Traveling with the right people makes all the difffernce!

Here are just a few examples:
If you are an adventurous person, travel with adventurous friends.
If you are a "Night" person, Don't travel with an early bird.
If you are a Yes person, Travel with another Yes person. (This is the best way)
If you are a planner, make sure you travel with someone who appreciates that.

When we travel with groups everyone plays a role. When SFP started, it was a beautiful thing. It was so rare to have a large group of people that could travel together with NO DRAMA, no negativity, no problems, so we just continued traveling together.


Natalie said...

I love you. I'm ready to go back. One more year so the beebs can run on the beach too:)

Abby said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! It's awesome that you have a group of friends that make time for trips like these.

Love the blog!

miss teacups said...

Your photos make me so jealous...let alone your travel photos! You guys pretty much look like you're always having an awesome time! Love it.

One question: Where is that white long sleeve from that you're wearing in the photo where you are holding up the coconut? It looks so comfy and awesome!

amanda said...

Oh that looks so fun! I love the idea of the self serve honor stand. Fricking cute! I've been wondering what does SFP stand for? I'm such an overall crazy traveler. I always want to get so much done that I don't factor in sleep when I know I should.

BuenoBueno said...

Natalie! Love your buns!

Abby- Thank You and yes I feel blessed to have friends that share a passion of traveling!

Miss Teacups- yes we do have a lot of fun, I also have a lot of fun working too! Trust me I have my ANTI SOCIAL days where I like lounging on the couch in my pajamas and read a good book or watch a million episodes of Law and order SVU! Ha!
I got that shirt at forever 21 I always cruise over to the "WHITE TEE SECTION" and buy tons since I ruin shirts all the time at work.

Amanda- SFP= Sorry for Partying, lately they have been joking and calling it sorry for parenting since a lot of them are having babies now. HAHA!
and what is this word SLEEP you speak of? :)

Anna said...

I am insanely jealous right now!! Of your vacation and your tan!

Anonymous said...

Brandi! You look amazing! Will you please share your food and exercise tips and tricks?

Dressing Ivana said...

This photos are amazing! love the colours