25 July 2012


Costa Rica June 2012

When I first decided that I needed to be more healthy I decided to cut out alcohol just to see how much that played a role in how I looked and felt. It was like my little experiment. The first week was hard because I was so used to having a bottle of wine with dinner or getting drinks after work.
The second and third week was easy because I was noticing results without really working out. I lost a good 7 pounds in those 3 weeks from no alcohol.

After 3 weeks I started enjoying my wine again but I incorporated working out and cutting back on little things that I ate.

If I would get a hamburger I would only eat one side of the bun with the meat, throw out the other.
I stopped using creamer or sugar in my coffee and just used local honey.
Instead of fries I would get a yummy salad and then eat a few of my friends fries.
I would bring Marigold protein bars to work so I would never be starving.
Smaller portions is key. Still working on this.

Weighing in:
I know this sounds crazy but it works and it helps ME hold myself accountable for what goes in my body and how much it effects me. I weigh myself every morning and then I write it down in our office/workout room. It's funny because it will totally be obvious if I ate mexican food the night before I can actually feel when I am heavier. The scale doesn't lie. Or if I worked out really hard and ate really healthy the number on the scale would be dramatically lower. This helped me to want to eat healthier and workout harder because I was also seeing positive results.

Set goals for You:
I wanted to feel firm and confident in my bikini while in Costa Rica.
I want to be a better me the older I get.
DON'T throw away the shorts that are too small for you. Work your way back into them the healthy way. You fit in to them a year ago, you can get back into them!
Pick a healthy role model to look up to. Don't have pictures of runway models for your goal...
I am still working towards my goal... it never stops

I hope this post hasn't offended anyone. I am just sharing my story. I feel happier when I am working out and eating clean and I like the results.

More posts on my work outs coming soon....

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rach @ paper hearts said...

Girl this is great!

Those are great realistic goals to have, and knowing your own body and knowing that losing weight should never be a fast process and pictures of runway models will only make you feel shitty!

I love that you still eat "normal" food (aka burgers and Mexican food)- which I totally think people can do while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It's about portion sizes & control mixed with a balance of daily exercise.

It will only get harder as we get older and our metabolisms slow down...if we don't do it now, we never will.

Kudos to you, I hope you post more about this!

Ps- your bod looks bangin'!

xo <3

Ginger said...

Simple changes and you lost 15lbs. That is so incouraging. I'm gearing up to start Kosama for 8 weeks. I'm hoping that the intense work outs jump start my body into a better me to maintain.

Your goals are great and totally manageable. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

Cal said...

I think it's great that you saw the effects of alcohol but instead of cutting it out, you're regulating. (insert music - REGULATORSSS!) I also really like that you're still eating normal food...Mexican, burgers. It's totally worth it to not cut out what you love, completely. Like, when I'm trying to lose weight (which I should work on soon) I choose tacos, or taquitos over a big burrito with a flour tortilla. But yeah, this is great motivation, & in no way offensive. Keep it up girl! You look amazing!

Aubrey said...

You look so bomb in a bikini! Love the emphasis on healthy over skinny. It's so important, more realistic, and long lasting! Let's motivate each other :]

miss teacups said...

Good for you!
I've found that since I've been GF I've noticed a change in my body...they say that is a quick way to 'lose belly fat' and feel better but it's definitely true. Unfortunately I HAD to do it due to an intolerance but it worked out better for me in the end, we eat too much wheat as it is!

Anyways, you look wonderful m'dear and it's all about how you FEEL right? As long as you feel good, that's all that matters!

Meshell said...

Excellent post. Our bodies want to work for us, and when we work with them instead of against them, results show immediately. I like myself some alcohol, but I know that too many nights leads to feeling sluggish and disconnected from how awesome I am (because no one should ever forget that!).

Also, I switched to vegetarian with flexing allowed for certain occassions (sometimes I want meat to ground myself, but I really don't want to have slow digesting stuff in my body that doesn't contain half the nutrients as a delish salad with tofu and beans on top). I also ensure I have raw food every day (try it!) because it helps process the yummy junk I eat later in the day.

Speaking of junk... cannot wait for the opening party of DoOrDyeTX. Ok, I cannot wait for the weekend, but who doesn't look forward to an awesome open house at a salon? People who don't like their hair, that's who!

Keep up with the fitness! Join the skaters/bikers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Meet at 7:40 at TX Art Supply. It's like Critical Mass but with less people and crazier paths (and more physical intensity!)

Caton said...

Thanks for sharing! I follow you on instagram and eventually found your blog as well. I love that you seem like such a fun/carefree person but are also obviously realistic when it comes to things like this! keep it up!

Dressing Ivana said...

woooh you look perfect to me

Mary Ellen Skye said...

love this! i did sort of the same thing! I lost 25lbs witch for my hight i am now the healthy weight i should be! People would always ask what diet i was on and i would tell them its a new life style.... We only get one body and one chance to make it count. I want to do things now that will make me better when i am older too! :)
thanks for sharing!

Jess said...

Awesome! I have heard about cutting out alcohol for losing weight, but I know that's probably the one of the hardest things to cut out

amanda said...

Ahhhhhhh! This is so true. I think you mentioned paleo one time and I got curious and eventually started to do that. Although, I don't follow it all the time (I'll take cheese on that burger today) I do follow it about 80% of the time and it DOES help with clean eating and losing weight. You hear it all the time, diet is 70%, working out is 30%. Today, I had to eat pizza because I forgot to take out food to cook today for my lunch and that totally bummed me out. hahahahaha. "I have to eat pizza *sadface*" said no one ever.