17 August 2012


I'm in a bit of a hair funk... You know when you're just bored to tears with it? Normally, I would just chop it all off and start again, but now that I live in Houston and work at a salon, no one will chop it out of fear Brandi will kill them. haha. Well, it's that and everyone tells me I don't have the face for short hair, so here I remain in my funk. 

so I keep looking a photos on pinterest and google, like these, to keep me motivated in love with long locks...

#Beach hair

What do you do when you get in a hair funk? How do you get past that awkward length successfully? Right now, I'm experimenting with styling it different. I've pretty much killed the whole braid thing, so I'm on to pinning and twisting.


fro <3
Friday Fun Fact: I've always wanted a fro. I mean, if my hair is going to be difficult, big and curly, why couldn't I just have a big beautiful fro?

Well, we are off to Marfa, have a good weekend!


kendra said...

i hate that. i cry everytime i cut mine off. so i am pushing through it. I just add bangs or color it or tie it in a knot and ignore it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


miss teacups said...

Gosh, both you girls have beautiful hair that I am continuously envious of...never say that you're in a hair funk with those gorgeous locks girl!

todvixen said...

Ahhhh this is me right now. People say I don't look good with short hair either. What to do?

Juliette said...

I'm sick of my hair length too at the moment! I would like to shave it off but i don't have a face for short hair either.
No way out!

Rachelle M Wilburn said...

Whenever I get bored to tears with my hair and I don't NEED a haircut, I change something about the color. Highlights, lowlights, even chalking... just enough to make it feel like new hair, even if it's only for a while. :)

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