13 August 2012


 Handing over the keys to my #jeep to my baby sis @amybroooooke for her first semester away at college

#cannonball !!! #sandlot #mondays #summertime #poolday
Monday: Baby sis goes off to college. I gave her my jeep key yesterday so she would have a vehicle for college.
Kelly will be putting her new home together, sad that she doesn't live on my street anymore:(
6 am fitcamp, Baby Barnaby's and then pool day with other hairstylist friends (we all have Monday's off)
It's gonna be a good but long day...
Popping in on the girls. Missing @gracegoodson
Tuesday-Thurs: WORK WORK WORK
557125_10100982175239908_1518102859_n Friday: Roadtrip to Austin then Marfa with some pretty awesome ladies for Erica's Birthday!!! STOKED! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Curently listening to (as I type): Cults - You know what I mean
Reading: Mocking Jay and 50 Shades Darker


Dashfield Vintage said...

Love this post! Ha ha sometimes I have life envy when I read your blog. Does the sun ever stop shinning where you live? Do you ever stop having a ton of fun?! Very inspiring. x

Cal said...

Pool day...drool! That's it, I'm going home & swimming! & congrats on baby sis & college! Such an awesome big sis for letting her use the Jeep!

Brandi Lisenbe said...

DV- yes sometimes it rains but those days are fun stay in movie days!!!
Houston is just so hot that we have to be in the water to survive!!

Cal- I do what I can! Pool days are MUSTS!!!
how you livin? :)