25 September 2012




















BAYWATCH hahahaha!














As you have probably gathered from our blog Kelly, Jacob and I have Monday's off. It's awesome, except for when we want to hang out with friends who have to work on Mondays. Finally, one of my besties, Joe, and I had a Monday to spend together but it just happened to be a day where Kelly and Jacob were not available. Joe and I have known each other since 3rd grade! Isn't that crazy? Like NKOTB days, he even got a perm to look like Jordan Knight, but instead he ended up looking like Rick James. Just kidding! But seriously, it was only two years ago that he made that same mistake. Gotta love our Joe.

Anyway, we decided that we wanted a surprise surprise...Beach Day!!! Shocking I know. We got some sun, had some fun, and then we almost threw up from the swings on the Pier. I guess we shouldn't of have gone to Fishtails right before heading to Pleasure Pier to jump on the rides. Ha! Typical of me and Joe. Even when we were pale in the face we were laughing. We couldn't help but think of one of my favorite movies, The Sandlot, when the boys chewed tobacco and threw up everywhere during a ride at the fair. CLICK HERE to see what I am talking about. GROSS! Luckily we didn't have that outcome. Just another awesome Monday!

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Theresa said...

Awesome! Love those pictures! Love being off during the week when everyone else is at work! Ha! I remember the NKOTB days!


janie said...

makes me itch to get to the coast.. and HECK YEH, BUC'EES!

Juliette said...

Beach days and rad sun glasses are making summer stay a little longer.
Also you make me dying to visit Texas!

GR8itsJONATE said...

Had so much fun B! I wish Jacob and Kelly could've been there. I always enjoy our beach days!!! <3

todvixen.blogspot.com said...

Oh my gosh are those sharks in the water? Love beach days.

Whitney said...

How gorgeous! I haven't gone to Galveston yet but I'm dying to. These pics are awesome.

beautifulnest said...

this looks so fun! i miss the beach! i literally laughed out loud at the picture of you on that ride... hahaha!

xx, kara

BuenoBueno said...

Sharks are there but you can't see them:) I've never had a problem:)
Beautiful nest haha me too!! I died.
Whitney- where do you live?
Juliette- the weather isn't getting cooler either!
Janie- summer forever!!
Theresa- step by step ooooh baby... Ha!

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