27 September 2012













#KevinMurphy #Hair #Productknowledge #screensiren @doordyetx with @tjsilmon

Our job is awesome! Love @tjsilmon #kevinmurphy @doordyetx

Tim Silmon (like everyday)
Screen Siren Kit

Young Again
Body Builder
Anti Gravity Spray
Full Again
Undressed (new)
Session Spray

$75 - $95

I love it when we have Kevin Murphy Product Knowledge Class at the salon! Especially when Tim is the one teaching. Love love love this beautiful man and all his talent. His tricks and secrets are like Gold for us. Do you see why I am in love with my job?

*Thank You Tim, Parker and Julie for coming out and lighting our fire!



miss teacups said...

SO pretty. Loving this look

Anonymous said...

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