17 September 2012

FIX YO MOP: Short Hair Inspiration













Photo's 1-9 found in Google Images.
Photo's 9-14 found on The Top 15 Hollywood Pixie Cuts 

Brandi and I are still struggling with that short hair itch. It's a curse. I think most women struggle with it. Once we all reach a point where our hair looks good long and it's past that awkward mid length/grow out phase, all we can think about is visiting the salon and chopping it all off. It's a cruel cycle, I tell ya. I think I mentioned that in our last Fix Yo Mop post featuring long hair. One day I'll work up enough guts to just whack it all off. If you've recently chopped your mop, send us a link in the comments or email!

click here to see a couple of pixies I (Brandi) have cut.
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Cal said...

My mop's been chopped long enough...it's time to go long again ladies! Be my support system! (you're already my inspiration, besides seeing pics of my hair long!)

Lindsey said...

Oh goodness I know what you mean...I am currently in that phase. My hubby though refuses to let me cut it because last time I did I paid to get extensions. Erg..dang this cycle!

Lisa Gutierrez said...

Definitely in that phase. My hair is down to my butt, so all I can think is CUT!CUT!CUT! It doesn't help that fall is coming and I don't like my long hair in hats. Short hair peeking out of knit hats is so cute!

megan said...

i had a pixie cut for a couple of years when i was in my early twenties, but have had long hair since. but i had my hair chopped into a bob a few weeks ago, completely spontaneously. i LOVE my short hair- it's so easy to maintain and perfect for this windy city. my bob is similar to the cut Carey Mulligan is sporting (love her!) but my hair is much, much thicker.

BuenoBueno said...

Cal- you just let us know when you are feeling weak!
Lindsey- OMG right? i want to but then I'm scared AHHHH!!
Lisa- short hair is so sassy I get so tempted, i dream about it but when I have cut it people were mean.
Megan- cute!!! love Carey Mulligans hair! glad you feel good girl! props to you!

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