20 September 2012


Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM
HBS Speakers doing The Duck Face... and whatever it is Brandi is doing :)

Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM
Top: Me (Kelly), Juliann Agno, Meg Jones, Megan Silianoff,   Kristen Stoddard,  and Lisa O'Neil  Middle: Katy Atlas and Alicia Dirago  Bottom: Brandi, Davina Hirsch and Kristina Braly

This past weekend was a whole lot of awesome. Brandi and I joined a group of Texas bloggers for the first Houston Blogger Symposium. A huge thanks to Megan for putting this all together and to all our sponsors! The party started Friday evening with wine at Langford Market and ended with bubbly at Hotel ZaZa Saturday evening. Brandi, Katy Atlas, and I were the last gals closin' down the bar... can you believe it? (don't answer that) 

Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM
John Korey: vintage pearl snap and Levi's jacket  // Kelly: Chrisrann, Levi's vest and lace top from Marshall's 

Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM
Brandi's leather bag: Francesca's  //  Kelly's leather bag: Stash Co
Davina! One of our new favorite people!

Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM
Brandi: Vintage Tee and Pac Sun pants

(AHH look how crazy I look! and look how adorbs Kelly and John Korey look... barf)
Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM

Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM
Next time Kelly won't have to save me when I black out on stage. How were all the ladies so well spoken? Some of them were cracking me up! You know who you are!
Paige Budde Photography: BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM

Thank You Paige for carefully documenting this event. I can not believe we forgot our digital cameras! What kind of Bloggers are we!? (please don't answer this either)


Can't wait for the next HOUSTON BLOGGER SYMPOSIUM!
To see all of the Photo's Paige Budde took CLICK HERE!


Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing so hard at Meg's caption of that photo that Danny took with y'all on her blog....so hilarious. Was great getting to finally meet you two! Epic times.

Woodlands Pavilion said...
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Whitney H said...

Whoops, I commented under my work blog. Fail.

I hate that I didn't get to talk to you ladies at HBS! It was great to hear you speak. I'm so glad that I found your blog! (P.S. PLEASE come to the next H-town Bloggers meetup! We'd love to have you!)

kendra said...

i must know what a lipstick/gloss Kelly has on in the pictures with John Korey.I must.

BuenoBueno said...

Kirsten- so did I! I spit my vodka drink on my laptop! that girl kills me!
Whitney- for sure let us know so we can hang out:)
Had a blast ! Hope we all get to know one another!
Kendra- its saint germain by MAC. :) we traded in the Orange that weekend. XO