03 September 2012

INSTAGRAM FUN: LisenbeSquared & IheartBueno

Morning meeting with @iheartbueno #coffee #buenobueno

Awesome! We will be walking SINCE our bikes were stolen this weekend!!!

Morning jog through the neighborhood #texas #texasfootball #riceuniversity #ricestadium

Watch us put a tent together in a storm! On the blog today! #elcosmico #marfa #oocomg #sistersister #roadtrip #storm #applebueno

#buenobueno #arrow #keynecklace

Inside out in HB

Keeping up with traditions. #keepingupwiththekardashians #photobooth #wegotengaged5yearsagotoday

He is way serious about towel folding. So serious it was in our wedding vows. #truestory #donteventrytofoldourtowels#hewillalwaysrefoldthem #ocd #thebest

Runaway Chicken!
1. Bueno Meeting at Double Trouble.
2. Wishing our bikes had not been stolen this weekend.
3. Starting to jog again on days off from Holdfast Fit Camp.
4. Loving the font Kelly used on our road trip posts.
5. Updating our Bueno Bueno Shop.
6. Inside out wetsuit skate sesh.
7. Date Night celebrating our engagement 5 years ago (Last Tuesday).
8. Jacob sets the standard high for towel folding at the salon and at our house.
9. Runaway Chicken!

What have you been up to on Instagram Lately? Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Instagram? Do you like when people photograph people, places, or food best?


vania francesca said...

Always have the best sister pictures :)
Have you seen the new kassie meador wetsuits? I am in love with all the colors
Take care hope your labor day weekend was great

megan said...

Love the first and last. Beautiful girls!

BuenoBueno said...

VANIA- yes I am obsessed with them!!! I want one! :)
and Thank you! hope you had a lovely Labor day! I just relaxed:)

Megan- Ha the egg one! So crazy looking right?

Cal said...

Man, I love IG - I'm just SO bad at using it consistently. I need to learn how to document my fun better. ;) I get too side tracked to take pictures of everything! You galls are awesome & your posts always remind me why I started blogging in the first place. Some people got so into "fashion blogging" - I'm glad you galls stayed true to you!! Love the Bueno seesters!

BuenoBueno said...

Cal- Awe you are so sweet! I don't think people would care too much about our outfits:) They are not high fashion at all haha!
You are the best!

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