17 December 2012




On Kelly:
Hood <> Thrifted
Top <>  C/O Lulu's
Pants <> BDG High Waisted Cigarette
Bag <> Stash Co.
Necklace <> Via Stash Co.
Boots <> Ralph Lauren (Brandi thrifted these for 50 cents)



On Brandi:
Fur Hood <> Thrifted
Jacket <> Thrifted
Sweater <> Sunchild
Shirt <> Anthropologie
Leggings <> Langford Market
Socks <> Free People
Boots <> Ralph Lauren

* Kelly has been in search for the perfect pink lip color and after many attempts she just ended up buying the same one I have (St. Germain) By Mac. It's seriously the best. It's been replacing my orange a lot lately.

This Weekend:
 Kelly and I had craft night with some lovely ladies from HBSYM at Davina's house on Friday. Her house is so so adorable, the snacks were amazing, and the convo was superb! After a few hours of crafting with the girls, Kelly and I headed to Fitzgeralds for Jacob's show.

When I came home from work on Saturday, Jacob had cleaned the house which made me super happy nothing like coming home from a long work day to a clean house!
Kelly and I had plans but I fell asleep, so she ended up going to our cousins (Blackie Dammit) show that night.

Sunday Kelly and Korey had their BF/GF day which included movie watching majority of the day.
I woke up and went to my cousins house down the street with eggs and guac and he cooked breakfast and made coffee. SCORE! I am so lazy when it comes to feeding myself at home. Then, Jacob and I got ready for The Really Really Big Christmas Show at church and it was AMAZING! So proud of our friends who worked so hard putting it on. We ended the night at my Dad's house. The boys watched Football, the girls crafted, and we feasted on a meal that Kelly intended to cook but the boys took over. Thank God! Ha Ha!  All in all it was a good and productive weekend.

Our friends Husband is painting the Worlds Largest Mayan Calendar, so if you are into the arts you should CLICK HERE, and check out his project. His Kickstarter ends Friday.


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Dorien said...

I have just discovered your blog and I love it! You guys have the most perfect style ever.

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Anh Nguyen said...

It was great meeting you two last night! I'm a new follower ;)


Two llama llamas said...

i have said it many times but YALL ROCK! SUCH BEAUTIFUL GIRLS and you can throw on anything and make it look RAD!!!

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