18 December 2012

YOUNG LOVE, MAD STYLE: Lonnie & Kaitlin

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Kaitlin is a professional hairstylist and Lonnie is a portrait photographer, both living in the Pacific Northwest.

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How Lonnie and Kaitlin met:
We were introduced informally through an exchange of phone numbers and Facebook by a mutual friend Randa. She texted Lonnie a picture of me when we were at work and asked if he wanted to talk to the girl in the photo. His response was "heck yes!"  We started texting every day and finally met 2 weeks later.

First date was a "blind" date in Seattle in the U district. A day of our favorite things including thrifting, Greek/italian food, Molly Moon's ice cream, and listening to Coldplay in the famous Blue Bonnet. (Lonnie's whip at the time)

How long we've been together:
10 months! (yes we celebrate monthaversaries, but Lonnie says we have to stop after a year :(

First impression of him:
First thing that stuck out about Lonnie was his mustache I had been warned about. Just kidding, but seriously, it was his positive energy and enthusiasm about anything he thinks is awesome/sturdy/rad/solid. Plus his gentlemanly ways and freakishly good looks definitely helped :)

First impression of her:
Holy crap she is hot. No but seriously, I thought she was beautiful.

Thrifting, taking photos, ice cream (dessert in general), adventuring outdoors, snuggling and watching movies, the oregon coast, and breakfast dates.

Favorite things about him:
I truly love everything about this man. His enthusiasm for life, his smile, the way he looks when he takes a photo, the way he holds my hand, his little boy voice, the way he can make me laugh like no one else can, and the person I have become because of him.

Favorite things about her:
I love her heart and her sincerity. I never question whether or not she loves me. She is also my biggest encourager. I love her.

Favorite thing to do on a date:
Lonnie's answer to this question was "make out" but let's keep this appropriate. Probably start off with some treasure hunting at an antique or thrift store, followed by driving around aimlessly listen to Macklemore or Edward Sharpe and watching/listening to Lonnie perform while driving, then dinner at the Pink Door or cook pasta at home (like usual) and end the night with a movie and splitting a pint of Ben and Jerry's (and maybe some kisses if he's lucky ;)

*Last Photo by Kristian Gorman 




KT Barnes said...

Y'all are so cute it's sick. My favesies. I'll be the one @ your wedding with bells on, playing a tambourine against the back wall. Ha ha, LOVE y'all!

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Lindsey said...

Great post! I like a good pretty people highlight of a blog post! : ) Merry Christmas Every one!

Two llama llamas said...

I thought me and my boyfriend were cute till I saw this. This melted my heart. So sweet and love the photos!