18 February 2013















This week is quite the week! Today is our pops 54th Birthday, Wednesday is our moms Birthday, and 
Friday is our (me and Jacob) 5 year anniversary! We will be busy busy!  Kelly is working today but the rest of us kids are going to see Die Hard with our Dad for an early matinee then who knows what we will end up doing!

Dad, I know you read our blog every morning so Happy Birthday Young Man! We love you more than you will ever know! We appreciate every little thing you do for us. Nothing goes unnoticed... Like when you fill up our gas tanks, make a fresh pot of coffee and have our mugs ready to go, when you call us a million times when we are on a road trip to tell us the smartest way to get somewhere, never forgetting special occasions, dropping everything when we need you, and the love you have for your kids. You are the Best Dad in The World!

Flannel <> Hollister
Shirt <> Striped Shirt (perfect shirt to represent the Texans, even though I hate Football)
Floral Denim <> Bullhead Black
Loafers <> Feathers Boutique
Necklace <> F21
Shades <>
Wrist Bling <> Chrisrann
Ring <> Bueno Bueno

Sweatshirt* <> Suda 
Denim Vest <> (origally a jacket) Levis
Tee Shirt <> Striped Shirt
Floral Denim <> Free People
Boots <> (Hand me down) Justin ropers
Scarf <> Free People
Shades <> Free People
Necklace <> Bueno Bueno Key
Earrings <> Chrisrann

*Suda 'Todo Va Bien' Sweatshirt
Since receiving this goodie in the mail, I haven't gone a day without wearing it. Honestly, it's probably starting to smell funky. The color is the perfect tri blend charcoal, sometimes known as vintage black, the material is mega soft and the print is pretty thin. I'm pretty picky when it comes to graphics on my clothing, but I'm totally digging this company and their style.

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Greetings from Texas! said...

Kelly - we're striped shirt twins. I have the blue and white too! Loved these pics guys - so fun! Hope all is well! Muah!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks you two. You have always made parenting fun. Your old man loves you very much.

David J. ( Pops)

Orchid Grey said...

You two are too cute, and as usual, I want both your outfits- especially that sweatshirt! Le Swoon!

Also, it's incredibly sweet that your dad reads you blog. I'm still struggling to explain what a blog is to mine :)

rannie said...

Cute! Happy Birthday to your dad!

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