04 March 2013















Beanie <> Vans
Jacket <> Old Navy
Shades <> U.O.
Top <> Elsage Designs
Denim Cut-offs <> A&F
Back Pack <> Hurley
Wrist <> Chrisrann, Parra arrow head bangle,
Fringe Boots <> Thrifted

Sunnies <> Free People
Lips <> Nars
Necklace <> Parra (Keravnos Pendant)
Button Down <> F21
Tee <> elSage Designs (printed by hand)
Coat <> DKNY
Denim <> BDG
Socks <> Free People
Boots <> Nisolo Shoes

This past Saturday was perfect. It was just what Brandi and I needed. After weekends full of plans and long work weeks, we finally had a free day. We knew Justin would be joining us, we knew there would be music and longboards, other than that we just kind of went where the day took us. I know Brandi was a little worried at first because when I first came over to her house, I was a bit of a sad sap, but the getting out in the sunshine for a cruise (even though it was cold and windy) was the best remedy.

Sunday, Brandi spent most of the day with friends for brunch, gardening, and a meeting with her trainer. She ended it at ZAZA for a Moroccan oil hair show with her Do or Dye ladies. I drove out to 'the country' to check out my new house and do a walk through with my future landlord AND my Pops (He had to make sure I wasn't getting myself into anything too crazy). Since 2009, I have been hopping around hoping to find a good place to get rooted and I've finally found a home and it's closer to work. It's a small 100 year old house with wood floors, white walls, and front porch. I won't give it all away just yet because there will be tons of future posts about it. Brandi's been telling my secrets to everyone (fun fact: I've been scared of the dark most ALL of my life) and is probably collecting bets on how I do out there, but I'm quite confident in this decision. I can't wait to see Zeyk's (my pup) reaction out there. I drove around the 'downtown' area of my new town and visited an antique shop out there and introduced myself to a new neighbor. I can't get out there fast enough. March 23, just give me that countryside!


Lindsey McClennahan said...

I'm singing " Wide open Spaces" by Dixie Chicks for you! haha Sounds amazing! Great photos will comes from it I'm sure!!

GR8itsJONATE said...

Looks like so much fun! Bummed I couldn't be there. Kelly, I see your jumping skills have improved, haha! SO HIGH!!! I love the Parra arrowhead bangle! They really have some awesome pieces!

I can't wait to visit your new place Kelly, sounds amazing! You, B and me need to plan a sleepover when you're settled in! Hahaha!

Love y'all!

Cassandra Loynd said...

I'm so excited for you, Kelly! Old houses are just so charming & lovely. & being close to work is a DREAM! I hope it all goes well! & that is has an awesome space for Zeyk, too!
Also, both of your styles are just... the best. You know I dig your digs! Happy Monday. ♥

Anonymous said...

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KellyAnn said...

I love that green jacket!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Grace said...

I always look forward to Monday posts! You guys have the coolest clothes.


miss teacups said...

just a whole bunch of good lookin' babes...who can jump really high...wowza!

Camila said...

Aw Kelly! I'm so happy for you! Living out in the country is the BEST and I'm sure you'll adapt just fine to your new surroundings. It'll be a nice, fresh start! Plus, dogs are the best company, ever. I'm going through some ch-ch-changes of my own and I know how hard it is to stay positive sometimes - you're lucky you have such an amazing, tight-knit family to keep things in perspective.
And yeah, these pictures are adorable!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Brandi - your legs are INSANE! In a great way. The gym is treating you right girl!

Love all the fashion in this post! Keep up the great work girls!

Lisa Gwawr said...

Your style and your blog are just awesome! Pure and simple. Not many people where I'm from are similar to me - interest and style wise, so it's cool just to get some inspiration from this blog. Not only style inspiration but also inspiration on how to live my life.

Thank you