08 March 2013


The Above Measurements are from Feb 11. I started Washington Gym toward the end of November, right around the time for Thanksgiving. I wish I had photo's to show from then but we never got around to it. My posture was pitiful (Still working on that)!  I was going to the gym 2-3 times a week, but I was also eating whatever I wanted and I was still drinking a lot (wine night every night). So when we took the above photo's after 3 months I was disappointed in myself because I knew I could of done a lot better. However, I was impressed with the results from the gym and the workouts, so I figured if I just ate right and drank less then I would be a lot happier with myself.

Hahn, one of the trainers at the gym came up with a BCI challenge. When I heard about it I was super excited and I knew this was just what I needed to get my butt in gear.

BCI challenge // 30 days of:
<> eating clean
<> 5 meals a day // every 3 hours // customized proportions
<> 8 hours of sleep a night
<> intense workouts
<> no alcohol
<> no sugar
<> 2 cheat meals a week... but their cheat meals are like oatmeal or cereal.

...there is more to it but this is the jest of it. Below are my current results

-38 March 7 ( Day 6 into 30 day BCI challenge) We took measurements again so that we could track the progress of the Challenge properly. I did not know we were taking photo's (which is why I didn't bring my swimsuit in photo 1). If I knew we were taking photo's I would not have eaten beforehand!

The top section is my frame measurements so that won't really change in numbers much.
The second and third section is what will change dramatically if I make wise choices. So from here you can see that I went from 29 % to 17 % body fat. Jess (my trainer) is trying to get me to stop weighing myself in the scale but I can't help it though. I even brought in a photo of what I weighed before I ate because I knew I would be heavier when I got my measurements. She did not care and put down how much I weighed at that moment. boo.

My Goal:
I want to get down to 14% body fat and have at least a 4 pack.

Instead of drinking a bottle of wine every night with friends I mostly hang out with them during the day so I am not the girl who keeps saying " I can't eat that" or "I'm not drinking."
I'm also loving hanging out with my friends at WG while working out. 

All in all I'm feeling great and realize how much I am what I eat! 


Cal said...

You can do it! Girl, you can already see major changes, like the gap between your thighs, your posture, & your arms/tricep area. All these surfing trips must be great motivation, too. You're such an inspiration to me right now. =)

Idée Géniale said...

Good work Brandi! Keep it up! 14% body fat is a huge goal! I remember asking a trainer to check my body fat last summer when I was at my most fit ever and I was still 20%! I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't even want to check it now... hoping to get more inspired after this snow is gone and we can show some skin again!

AlexandriaNolan said...

You look amazeballs and I am cheering for you errday. 'Nuff said. I'm going to miss you so much!! We will reunite farmers market style when i get back :) xx

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Girl the difference just in these photos is insane! You got this and that's AWESOME! Like I said in the pictures from a previous post your legs look awesome - I can tell you've been working out.

Keep up the great work and keep inspiring us!!!

erika.n.boom said...

hot dang girl! looking good! mad props to you - i've recently upped my fitness and started cross training... but on top of that i would not be willing to give up my wine and cheese! haha - you are an inspiration! also, cheers to you for having the balls to post the before pictures - i hid my mine on my computer in a file named something like "college bills '09" haha:) keep it up! you inspire me!!

karin said...

huge motivation to see your progress!
keep up the good work!
i am eating clean again after eating loads of bullshit cause of stress situation at work - but i dont want to have excuses anymore. my skin feels better and my energy level too since eating glutenfree and working out more!
you rock!
hi from switzerland! <3

Monica said...

This is so inspiring, Brandi! You look awesome! And you're so brave to post all this online, haha. This post is just what I needed to get me moving and shed my winter "layers" before summer. Michigan winters are not the best environment for an exercise/diet plan!

Thanks so much for sharing and have a great weekend!

nicole said...

WOW! 17% body fat?! YOU LEAN & MEAN, GIRL!

Melissa said...

Sounds great! You look wonderful. x

<3 Melissa

grrfeisty said...

SO COOL! i am workin' on it, too. but it's very cool that you've got the math [and pics!] to prove it all. nicely done!