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My last IG post I asked about Goal Setting. I want to be better about breaking down my big goals into a bunch of small ones so that I don't feel like the big one is so far away...and so I don't feel so discouraged. I am great at making a bunch of to do lists but I am not so great at checking those off, not because I don't get them done but because I just get scatter brained and forget to actually CROSS IT OFF which is the most rewarding part right? So this next week I am going to dedicate a small part of the day for daily goal setting and journaling. Blogging and Ig can be used as a tool for that as well. I will let you know how it goes and I encourage you to join me in this. Lets hold each other accountable. 

I also mentioned that when Praying for myself I find it hard to ask for specifics. But I want to start writing my prayers out again and being as specific as possible. It's really hard. I will get totally personal right now. When I pray about a baby or kids I always pray This ____> God if you want us to have a baby then give us a baby. If you don't want us to have a baby then don't give us a desire. The truth is I don't even know what I want. I am scared to have kids. I am getting older so I am running out of time to decide. Before my Gma B died she put her hands on my tummy and prayed for me to have a baby. It was super emotional but I don't know what the emotions were from? Was it because I was sad this could be the last time she would ever pray over me or because I have some deep rooted issues? I know we would be happy and have a good life either way. Jacob would be an amazing Dad, The best Dad....but I do not think I would be a great Mother. So how do I pray for this scenario? How is that for being vulnerable? 

What I have been into lately ///

Shop / Saint Cloud River Oaks Is the cutest boutique and if your lucky Poppy The doodle will be there to greet you!

Music GAWVI - Giana I heard this song during warm up at our gym, The League, and I was instantly like what is this?! I need this on repeat! It's not what you think...it was perfect for warm up when your still waking up... 

PodcastsFridays with Flea Style - I really enjoy these small business interviews. I can totally relate and it's so interesting to hear other peoples struggles, victories, and how they do things.

BookRich Dad Poor Dad - Jacob and I are listening to this on Audible when we are in the car together. 

Spare Time / Shopping for the home, Thrifting, learning how to be a better plant parent. 

Study / Ecclesiastes - Life change Series 


Hope you all Have a good day! And send me podcast and book recs that you think I would enjoy!






At the beginning of March our Church, The Bridge Montrose, talked about Fasting, Praying and the Heart behind it. I instantly thought about what I would give up, But, soon after that thought I realized I needed to pray and ask God what he wanted me to give up. What was it that was distracting me from my Quiet time everyday, what was keeping me from growing a deeper relationship with God, my friends, my co-workers, and my family? 

Social Media kept popping up as I prayed, I already felt convicted about it in the past. Instagram specifically. Not that Instagram or social media is a bad thing, it's just that I was spending way too much time managing 4 accounts and in a very bad habit of scrolling through if my phone was near. First thing in the morning I would grab my phone and go to Instagram as I would start to wake up for the day. On the way to the gym I was on it while Jacob drove. I would take my phone with me to the bathroom. Waiting in line anywhere was another opportunity to look on Instagram. In between clients I was looking at Instagram. Hanging out with friends everyone checks a few times and stories (records and posts on IG) the fun. Traffic time another chance to look. Days off how many times did I look on Instagram? I was addicted. I could go on and on. I made excuses like "I'm working" when Jacob felt like second place to my phone. I thought fasting from social media would be hard and that our business would suffer if I wasn't posting. I even talked to a friend about it and he laughed and told me that is such a lie. He told me God is in control and that I needed to trust God. 

Reading and studying more about fasting I got stuck on 21 days. Our church was fasting and praying on Tuesdays in March...but for some reason I thought it was suppose to be 21 days. 

Heart Behind Fasting /// Jesus himself fasted as a means of connecting deeper with God

Focused, undistracted time in prayer

Dependency on God- He will supply all our needs, and at our core, all we really need is him. Our deepest need is for God, not for food or the praise of others. We are hungry for a connection with God. 

Removing the World to focus on God and allow him to reveal the state of my heart, sin, idols.

NOT an outward act of righteousness for the praise of men.


SERMON (also available on podcast) /// Louie Giglio: The Pinata and the Iceberg

SCRIPTURE /// Matthew 6:16-18, Matthew 6:1, Joel 2:12-13, Deuteronomy 8:3, Luke 4:1-13, Matthew 6:31-33

So I did it. I deleted Instagram from my phone. This is what happened ///

I would wake up in the morning and have quiet time (read the bible and do a devotion) I would play with my Dogs and talk with Jacob. He didn't wake up with me on the phone.

On the way to the gym we would talk about our to do lists and crack up together which is one of my favorite parts of our day now. 

At work in between clients I was sensitive and more aware of my surroundings. I helped where I saw needed and talked more with my co- workers.

In traffic I would listen to Podcasts or talk to God.

I let go of control over our Salon Instagram @Doordyetx and trusted My Asst. Danielle and our receptionist Nakita. And they are doing an amazing Job! 

I reached out to friends more, spent quality time with people, I waited in line and talked to strangers, and I felt peace.

I am excited to meet up with friends for bible study instead of thinking I am too drained and busy. 

My 21 days was up last Wednesday but I still am cautious because I don't want to go back to bad habits. I don't want to silence my thoughts with distractions. I don't want to lose my creativity because I see the same thing over and over Instagram. I've enjoyed starting my day with God and talking to him throughout the day. I like that I feel like I have way more time to be productive and pray for friends that pop up in my head. This fast has allowed me to deepen important relationships, and work on things in areas that I have struggled with. Most importantly I am learning to Trust in the Lord with everything. 

So will I get back on Instagram? Yes. Do I think that it is bad? No. Everything in Moderation.